The Basic Introduction of the Valve

2021-08-06 By hqt

Valve is a widely used mechanical product in each country’s economy. You can find valves commonly used in the following fields like oil, natural gas, coal, metallurgy, mining, refinery, pipe transportation, petrochemical, chemical, pharmacy, food production, power plant, water supply/drainage, heat supply, air supply, marine, vehicle, airplane, spacecraft, military, new tech, irrigation, and many other flowing systems.

There are self-driven valves and operated valves. self-driven valves( like a safety valve, relief valve, steam trap, check valve ) are functioning by utilizing their mechanical design or the pressure, the direction of its flow medium. operated valve( like gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve ) is functioning by the actuator( manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc. ) or the pressure, the flow direction of its medium. due to the differences in pressure, temperature, flow, and physical-chemical character of its medium, there are different requirements in designing and applying the pipeline system. therefore there are numerous types of valves. according to unofficial statistics, there are more than four thousand types of valves with approximately forty thousand specifications in China. Obviously, the valve is an important element in the social economy.

Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve is a basic component in automatic flow control, it is an actuator but not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. solenoid valve is mainly used to control the direction of hydraulic flow, machines in the plant are usually controlled by hydraulic cylinder and thus the solenoid valve is applied. generally, solenoid valve manufacturers in China not only produce hydraulic solenoid valves, they mainly manufacturer hydraulic-pneumatic combined two-way solenoid valves.

The main working theory of the solenoid valve is that there is a fully closed cabinet inside the solenoid valve, with holes in different positions. each hole is connected with a different hose. the valve is centered with two electric magnets aside, when the power is on, the valve will be pulled to that side. through the movement of the valve, the hole which is connected to the hose will be closed / open, the oil inlet is always open, the hydraulic oil flows to different hoses and pushes the cylinder piston by its pressure. the piston drives the piston stem and then the equipment into movement. by this means, the mechanical movement can be controlled by controlling the electricity of the solenoid valve.

Ball valve

Ball valve and plug valve is the same type of valves only its closure of a spheroid, spheroid around a rotary axis lines to achieve valve body opened and closed a valve.

Ball valve used to be cut off in the mainline, distribution and change the direction of the flow medium. The ball valve is widely used in recent years as a new type of valve, it has the following advantages:

  • Ball valve fluid resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient with the length of the barrel of equivalent.
  • Ball valve structure simple, small size, lightweight.
  • Ball valve closely reliable, current Ball valve sealed surface material widely used plastic, undergo good in a vacuum system also has been widely used.
  • The ball valve is easy to operate, the closing rapidly, from open all around, as long as there 90E, facilitate remote control.
  • Ball valve maintenance convenience Ball valve structure simple. seal ring generally activities, the removal of the replacement is more convenient.
  • Ball valve whole or in the open all closed, spheroid and the sealed surface with medium valve seat separation medium through, will not cause the valve sealing surface erosion.
  • Ball valve application scope Link Drive from small to several millimeters, a few meters in from the high pressure can be high vacuum applications.

Butterfly valve

The butterfly valve is on/off by the turning of the stem which operates the round butterfly disc. It is mainly used as a cut-off valve and also can be designed as regulating or cut-off / regulating combined valve. currently, the butterfly is mainly used in low-pressure large-size pipelines.

Butterfly valve panels installed at the Tip of the diameter pipeline direction. In butterfly valve body flight corridors, the disc-shaped Tip boards around the rotary axis, rotation angle for 0° -90 meridian east between rotary to +90, the valves are open all license conditions.

Butterfly valve structure is simple, small in size, lightweight, only by a few parts. But it can be rapidly open and close-90E, simple to operate, while the fluid control valves have good character. butterfly valve a fully open position, Tip board thickness is only when the medium flows through body resistance, the pressure generated by the air valves small, it has a better flow control characteristics. butterfly valve a metal shells sealed and the two sealed patterns. Flexible sealed valves, seal rings can embed in the body or peripheral boards to Tip.

Globe valve

Globe valve as one of the cut-off valves is a common valve mainly used to connect or disconnect the line of the medium, generally not for regulating flows. globe valves apply pressure, high-temperature range, but are generally used for medium and small-caliber pipeline.

The valves of the main criteria GB12233-89< a valve closing valves with metal-style check valve “GB12235-89< a valve flange steel closing valves connected with the elevation of check valve ” JB/T53174-94< closing valves product quality grading “JB/T53165-92< closing valves – balanced product quality grading” GB/T587-93< bunker flange closing valves bronze “cast iron flange GB/T590-93< bunker closing valves” GB8464-87< of thread connecting valve, The valves, ball valve, check valve overall technical conditions “GB8465.2-87< of thread connecting valve, closing valves, ball valve, check valve basic size metal closing valves”

Control valve

Control valves regulating valves as is the implementation of the main types of vehicles, by accepting conditioning control module export control signals from engine operation to change fluid flow. Control valves and valve general, the executing agency. If by their ticket enforcement agencies use the power, control valves can be divided into pneumatic, electrical, fluid movement three, namely to compressed air to power sources pneumatic – valve to call for the engine electric control valves for the liquid medium (such as oil) pressure-driven electricity fluid moving control valves, and their functions and characteristics hours are electromagnetic valves, electronic style, smart, Floor bus-control valves.

Valve body types of control valves choice valve body many types of control devices, commonly used by direct-Block, through the engine, angle type, divide, and small flows, the three links, eccentricity rotary, butterfly type, sleeve style, spherical. In specific choices, do the following considerations :

(1) disc shape of the structure, mainly based on the choice of flow characteristics and consider factors such as power imbalances.

(2) The presence of worn when the fluid medium is the wear and tear of high concentrations of suspended particulate fluids, valves materials to the internal hard.

(3) corrosion resistance, as a corrosive medium, to choose structure simple valves.

(4) medium temperature, pressure, when the medium temperature, high pressure and great change, and should be chosen disc valve seat materials by temperature, pressure changes small valves.

(5) prevent instant steam and air-based, space-based instant steam and only in a liquid medium. In the actual production process, Shanzheng and will form a vibration of air and noise, shorten the useful life of valves, control valves in the choice should have instant steam and air-based prevention valves.

Change valve

Direction change valve includes electromagnetic direction change valve, manual direction change valve, call liquid direction change valve, four-way direction change valve, multiplexed direction change valve, gas control direction change valve, five of multiplexed direction change valve, two spaces, such as two-direction change valve.

Manual is a manual lever manipulation direction change valve disc killer direction control valves. In the hydraulic system, it can control the oil flow direction, the implementation of components of the Movement to change direction. Manual direction change valve the slide valve for a way to the positioning of spaces steel ball positioning-and-two types of spring-loaded structure. steel ball positioning of manipulation handle external forces when lifting, positioning steel ball disc to rely on to maintain in-place. When the manipulation of spaces is a spring-loaded handle external forces cancellation, disc spring-loaded to automatically revert to the initial position. direction change valve electromagnetic signals through electrical control valves to change the direction of liquid flow, it can be used to achieve hydraulic unloading system, the order to move and change oil flow. Electromagnetic direction change valve mainly for engineering machinery, mining machinery, transport machinery and another mechanical lifting hydraulic system.

Single check valve

Check valves or as a one-way valve. For the hydraulic system to prevent the reverse flow of oil flow.

A straight-through one-way valves and rectangular Type two. Straight-through one-way valves are installed in a connecting thread of the pipeline. Rectangular style is a one-way valve connecting thread, flange type connectivity, and connecting three forms. Fluid control valves are also known as one-way pressure valve closed valves or insurance, with the same one-way valves to prevent the reverse flow of oil. However, the need for oil flow in hydraulic circuit reverse flows can use hydraulic control, opening a one-way valve, so that the flow of oil can flow in both directions. Fluid control one-way valve used cone disc, sealed a good performance. oil flow closed in demand, the availability of one-way valves as oil flow park sky Paul pressure. Fluid leakage control one-way valves control the manner of oil and oil-leaking Type II species. No reverse flow of oil exports in the oil flow available within inflow Type; Otherwise required outflow type, the control of oil in order to reduce pressure.

Electric motor control valve

Electric valves open and close valves on the electric motors as a driving force for the larger valves, electric valves, the processes can be used to control the flow.

Electric valves fitted with easy, low failure rate in the industry and the advantages of automation needs is more economical choice operators. Because of the use of general traditional pneumatic valves, inevitably a ticket pipes, and electromagnetic valves, compressors can match, and electrical devices are motor-driven, easy to install, and the installation of electrical devices with the original robotic factory line will be able to reduce other costs. In addition to motor-driven approach to turn more smoothly, without excessive momentum shortcomings, failures can be substantially reduced rate, many people believe that your electric valves, the use of high cost, but in fact, it is not, if a holistic basis, and many accessories to traditional valves and the installation of pipelines, the price is not dominant, Instead, they will assume more maintenance. Therefore, the prospects for electrical devices are relatively broad.

Steam trap valve

Steam traps steam heating system in a waste gas drainage role in the selection of suitable steam traps allows steam heating equipment for the highest efficiency. To achieve optimal results, it is necessary for all types of steam trap work performance and characteristics of a comprehensive understanding. steam traps many varieties, each with a different performance. steam traps choice, should first elect their identity can best meet the steam heating equipment operation before considering other objective conditions, such choices you need steam traps is correct and effective.

Steam traps to be “identified” steam and condensed water can play a role in blocking air drainage. “identification” and the condensed steam water are based on three principles: poor density, and temperature difference of change. So on the basis of three principles of creating three types of steam traps: classified as mechanical type, thermal static type, thermal power-based. 1. In the heat production equipment, drying room, rapid heat exchangers, distillation equipment needs rapid warming, not a condensed water heating equipment production should be chosen mechanically type steam traps. 2. In steam pipes, coupled heat pipelines, small heating equipment, heating equipment, air temperatures do not ask for the use of equipment, it should be the choice of hot static type steam traps. 3. Overheating in high-temperature high-pressure steam pipelines and equipment, should choose an exclusive steam traps steam.

Proportional valve

A proportional valve is a signal proportional to the import and export volume of the hydraulic valves. It can be given for the importation of electrical signal proportional to the control Yeliu pressure, flow, and direction. A proportional valve can be set at the same time the proportion of the valves from several solutions mixed. The liquid phase is coupled device is the low voltage gradient itself in a high-pressure pump add ratio valves in the atmosphere will be set according to the proportion of online several solvents mixed, then pump into the gas system.

Proportional valves to achieve automatic control, remote control and programmed control. Proportional valves can call the rapid and flexible, and other advantages such as large hydraulic power transmission characteristics together. Proportional valves to continuous, proportional to the implementation of components of the control, speed and direction, pressure and can prevent or to the exchange rate changes and the impact of the phenomenon of simplified systems to reduce the usage of components. Proportional valves manufacture simple, low prices than servo valves, hydraulic valves at ordinary high. Because of signal proportional valves with the ratio between the need to install DC amplifier, a corresponding increase in investment costs. Proportional valves conditions of use, maintenance, and preservation of hydraulic valves with the same ordinary, extraordinary good performance. Proportional valves have excellent static performance and appropriate dynamic performance, dynamic performance is low compared with servo valves but had to meet general industrial control requirements. Proportional valves than servo valves high efficiency. The main part of the system can be an integral loop system.

Diaphragm valve

A diaphragm valve is a special form of the cut-off valve, which opens and closes this is a piece of soft quality materials produced by the divide, it separates the inside body and inlet inside the cover. the diaphragm valve is really only “jaw” valves, a flexible, three of the diaphragm by Lo underground link in compressed pieces, the compression of which is operated by stem next movement when compressed pieces rise diaphragm on hold, resulting in access when compressed pieces falling, diaphragm pressure on the weir in valve body (even for the weir-type valves) or pressure at the bottom contours (even for straight-through processing), diaphragm valve applicable to switches and reducing use.

Diaphragm valve owns special reasons for the structural design suitable for super pure medium or severe pollution very ropy liquids, gases, corrosive or inert medium. Combined with control equipment, the diaphragm valve replace other more traditional control systems, especially vulnerable pollution applicable to solid inert medium. Biological products are mainly used in the pharmaceutical, food, industry; And the power, chemical, electroplating, and industrial water treatment industries, was also applied to the semiconductor wafer production, diaphragm valve particularly applicable to the delivery of a corrosive, became the fluid, such as mud, food, medicines, woven together liquid-dimensional, because pipelines, diaphragm valve operating agencies, it is not exposed to the delivery of fluid, So no polluting, and do not need to fill, the Department can not fill stem will leak.

Gas valve

From the air valve operating principles of view, air valve performance will directly affect the work of compressor tanks, air valves for the following requirements: resistance losses are small. Air valve size and airflow resistance losses of valves always speed and the size of the spring-loaded edge. Gas higher speed, the greater the energy losses; Spring-loaded edge too large, the loss is great resistance, the size of the air valve movement design guidelines to determine the reasonableness of the law. Air valve closed timely, rapid, not leak closed to improve the efficiency of machines and extended use period. Long life, work reliably. Life is the main factor restricting air valve and spring-loaded valves quality, the general long-term continuous operation of the compressors to life 80 hours; For mobile, short-term or intermittent operation of compressors, may require slightly more.

Air valve and piston-type compressors are the important components are one of the components easily damaged. It will have a direct impact on the displacement compressors, power consumption, and reliability of operation, the current compressor is fast direction, and the rotational speed limit is one of the key issues in improving air valves. Piston-type compressors typically use the “automatic valve” that the air valve is opened and closed valves on the pressure on both sides to achieve poor, and there is no other drive.

Expansion valve

The role of expansion valves in the system is:

1. Cut usually liquid coolant.

2. Under the original design extremely cold and refrigeration systems for the situation accurately control the flow evaporator Coolant flow.

3. Parking, rapid balance system, or pressure. For all valves in the design and expansion of facilities, a machine must take into account the expansion of the basic conditions for the compressor valves to control the degree of injury assessment.

Because expansion valves are high precision processing components, factory in its internal adjustment of the body parts are processed in a state of complete thermostatic, the temperature of the gas filling kits are demanding more consistent not detect leaks, in the completion of the expansion valve assembly also undergo strict testing and fatigue resistance aging sampling, the construction expansion valves:

  • Indeed temperature kits.
  • Temperature gas or liquid filled with the expansion corrugated.
  • Spherical valve seat.
  • Spherical valves.
  • Spring.
  • Overheating degrees adjustment screw spacer and screw.
  • Internal and external (H-type) sealed pieces.
  • Thrust poles and corrugated of the spacer.
  • Fati.
  • Capillary, and so on.

Temperature kits: contact must be properly fixed in the evaporator export pipelines, real-time communication evaporator components to temperature degrees, the material will be filled through interlinked capillary pressure due to the expansion of corrugated boxes; swelling corrugated boxes on the pressure for change in the thrusting pole with an adjustment screw and spring-loaded ball-type valves to adjust the resistance of the degrees of refrigeration volume precision adjustments.

When the temperature to gas pipelines, temperature packets of material expansion, the pressure rise, inflation pressures are rising corrugated box, corrugated promote the expansion thrust to overcome the spring-loaded pole resistance, the ball-type valve opened for a big change. When the gas pipeline reduces the temperature, the temperature of the material swelling up, the pressure lowered inflation corrugated box pressure also reduced, spring-loaded pole compressed corrugated of resistance to thrust, spherical valves open for smaller; This constant push and pull adjustment for the balance, as long as refrigeration cycle continues.

Balance valve

From the basic principles of regulation viewpoint balancing valve is actually an instruction manual for the regulation valves. In balancing valve upstream and downstream ends of the tube with a hole, used to measure the fluid through valves pressure reduction. Use, detected valves pressure reduction and read out the degrees, can be considered by the flow valves. Its role in regulating valves and flow-combination holes is equivalent to the slip road to the flow distribution requirements. When the total cycle pump gear shifts operation, the flow of the slip road ratio is unchanged.

Balancing valve dynamics operating principles: through changes in the flow disc balancing valve the area around the valves adjust to the change, thus achieving the purpose of flow control. Is a dynamic balancing valve local resistance to change spending components. When balancing valve and differential pressures are smaller than the smallest start differential pressures were not compressed spring-loaded, the largest circulation area. When balancing valve and differential pressures beyond the scope of work is completely compressed spring-loaded valves guts, guts flow only from valves on both sides of the square shed, when valves guts into a fixed regulator, the flow and differential pressures in proportion with the increase and differential pressures increase. balancing valve has some great pressure within the air-conditioning equipment to limit the maximum flow, automatic constant flow characteristics, in the large-type, complex, air conditioning load is not constant heating works, a simplification of the system into debugging, and shorten the debugging time.

Overflow valve

Relief valves in the form of the structure and type of moving into straight-pilot, and it’s up in Hydraulic Pump export guarantee system, or limitation of the maximum pressure constant pressure, sometimes adjacent to import components in the implementation of the components of its security role. Straight moving type relief valves, mainly valve disc, valve body,, spring-loaded, roof, regulation pole, conditioning nut, and other integral parts.

Pilot valves and pilot-type relief valves are the main valves of two parts, pilot valves for cone valve, the flow is a small direct action type relief valves. With import pressure relief valves, pilot valve disc role in the fluid pressure Fx attendant increase, when more than equal to Fx Pt2, pilot valves mouth opened, the pressure relief valves to import oil by damping hole, Pilot valves mouth overflow relief valves to export, and then back to the fuel tank. Imported oil pressure relief valves to the main valve valves mouth overflow back containers. Main valves mouth open for some time, pilot valves and the valve Faxin Faxin respectively in the balance of power, pressure flow valves meet the equation mouth and the main valve to the pressure of a determined value of imports.

Pressure governor valve

The pressure governor valve is composed of governing valve, oil, water separation devices, and a combination of one-way valves, etc.

Pressure governor valve is the use of a spring-loaded power and pressure balance theory when the spring-loaded pressure is less than atmospheric pressure and the valves closed when the pressure is greater than the spring-loaded rubber tubing stretch when the bottom of compressed air diaphragm, diaphragm the effort to promote diaphragm upward and left valve seat to blow the airflow of gas, this would piston shirking role in the pressure mobile, Selection will be emissions from the valve seat, air compressors made by the then air into the gas valves and exhaust emissions is through the mouth into atmospheric air compressors idling. pressure governor valve’s role is limited to the maximum system pressure 0.75-0.80 trillion Pago (7.5-8.0 bar). In the context of ensuring reliable security.

Servo valve

Servo valves consist of feedback – electric-hydraulic servo valve and position feedback servo valves.

The electric-hydraulic servo valve’s task is to the volume of the electrical switch to control oil for hydraulic motivation. Servo valves are torque motors, both hydraulic and mechanical enlarged feedback systems. torque motors on both sides by a permanent magnet around a coil formed when servo valves on both sides of the coil produce an electric currency, as a result of electromagnetic power, and the backplate of the armature deflection, servo valves to be converted into electricity displacement volume, the first enlarged by one double nozzles peace was one backplate composition of the backplate is fixed at the mid-point of the armature, and in between the two nozzles through to servo valves at the end of nozzles and a backplate between two variable costs Kong. by the backplate and nozzles controlled hydraulic slide-valve leading to the second level at two levels. servo valve secondary slide-valve is spun slide-valve structure, and embedded slide-valve inside the center one, when armature in the middle position, the backplate convection flow of.

Throttle valve

Throttle valve as expansion valves, regulating valves, it is refrigeration system indispensable four one important equipment. The throttle valve role is the export of high-pressure liquid coolant condensers to reduce and regulate the flow of relief. Coolant liquid after throttle valve expenditure of relief after a low-temperature low-voltage gas-liquid mixed fluid, after separation into ammonia liquid separation devices for invalid after steam vaporizer, to evaporation endotherm. throttle valve many patterns, structures also vary, but their basic principles are that the high-pressure liquid coolant forced to adapt to the system through a flow “puncture wounds on the” make it through the puncture wounds on the need to overcome the considerable resistance movement, resulting in fusion pressure, and at the same time, some liquid into steam, and from its own lessons vaporization latent heat, thereby expanding the gas into liquid cryogenic fluid mixed low voltage state. throttle valve the Faxin for a needle-shaped cone or belt gaps Cone, the thread for Fagan small teeth, when round-hand, the distance is Faxin mobile, liquid through the area is small, this can cause considerable local resistance, high-pressure liquid through the puncture wounds on the consumption of energy and relief. throttle valve opened degrees is based on the size of the evaporator heat load changes that will be open for its usual hand for the eighth round to the fourth week and not more than one week, otherwise, spend big opening, lost spending.

Hydraulic valve

Hydraulic valves of a wide variety, in addition to different varieties, specifications generic valves, there are many specialized valves and complex devices. Hydraulic valves on the basic types, classified according to the following manner:

1. By functional classification:

  • Hydraulic pressure control valves are used to control the hydraulic pressure system flow valves.
  • Flow control valve hydraulic system used to control the flow of hydraulic valves Ye Liu.
  • Hydraulic control valves are used to control the direction of the system flow mobile hydraulic valves direction. In addition to the overall function of a single hydraulic valve, hydraulic valves and a number of specialized hydraulic valves with more complex functions, such as pressure control can only control the direction or control which can control the direction of flow, and so on.

2. The controlled manner by classification:

  • Constant control valves or switches such as hydraulic valves through the hands-off type of electro-magnet or transfer institutions will valve disc location of the spring-loaded or valve disc set in a working condition so that flow pressure or flow to maintain a certain flow value. These hydraulic valves are the most common ordinary hydraulic valves.
  • Proportional control valves such devices export volume (flow, pressure) can be imported in accordance with the law of change in the continuous signal proportional to regulation. They often use imported electrical signals proportional electromagnet will be converted into mechanical power or valves displacement volume control. Can also use other forms of electrical control devices. Because of valves structure simple, reliable work, the lower the price, performance than ordinary constant control valves have markedly improved, and through continuous electrical signal control, and therefore, on many occasions, gained widespread application.

Fire safe valve

Fireproof valve refers installed in the ventilation, air-conditioning systems to send, and the road back to the wind opened in a state of fire when the temperature reached 70 degrees, the gas automatically closed in a certain period of time to meet the fire resistance requirements of the stability and integrity of fire resistance, a possible role of the firefight valves. A smoke extraction firefight valve refers smoke extraction system installed in the pipeline, in an open state of the gas pipeline fires when the temperature reached 280 degrees automatically closed in a certain period of time to meet the fire resistance stability and fire resistance integrity. Possible role valves smoke proof.

There are two kinds of fireproof valves, 70 degrees and 280 degrees, 70 degrees for the new air-compressors when the temperature reached 70 degrees, the closure of the new air-compressors, has proven fire, another into the wind again. When the temperature reached 280 degrees, the closure of smoke extraction air-compressors, or else the fire will run wind Road reached elsewhere. 1, fire-safe valve from temperature divided: 70 degrees Celsius and 280 degrees Celsius. Second, from control by fire safe valve DC24V electro-magnet and manual control, electric; 3, fire-safe valve far from the control of the remote control and identity control.

Three way valve

Three-way valve: born in the 1950s. Three-way valve has three entrances and pipes, equivalent to two single-Block valves synthetic one. A three-way valve is used to replace two single-Block, the first valve input system. Three-way valve into two hands and streaming. Three-way valve has three entrances and pipes, equivalent to two single integrated block valves; Use a three-way valve, a two-valve, and can be saved over three links. Convergence devices have two three links entrance, an export, two mediums mixed into the third medium. Three links a triage valves entrance, the two exports, a medium through valves will be divided into two after the road.

  • The three-way valve to replace two mutually switches two two-valves used to save a two-valve and a three links takeover.
  • The three-way valve used to regulate the heat exchange system exists can do simply limited regulation.
  • Three-way valve used to be less than 300 degrees medium temperature, two medium temperatures less than 150 degrees should be poor.
  • The three-way valve replacement gas to gas shut, the executing agency must be replaced.
  • DN <80, Convergence valves also do triage valves.

Pneumatic valve

Pneumatic valves regulate the pneumatic enforcement agencies and regulatory valves two. Enforcement agencies to promote the implementation of devices installed, it compressed air-driven, export thrust; Regulation valves are part of the implementation of devices to regulate direct contact with the media, regulatory medium flow. The pneumatic – valve structure with simple, reliable operation, export thrust large maintenance convenient and inexpensive, such as fireblast merits pneumatic – valve widely used for chemical, oil, metallurgical, electrical, textile and other industrial production processes autopilot and remote control.

Pneumatic valves regulate the temperature in the context of nominal pressure and may adjust various fluids, gases, and steam, pneumatic – valve is closed, leakage is small. Pneumatic-valve at the role of the implementing agencies could reach a gas open or gas shut purposes.

Pressure regulating valve

Pressure-regulating valve is a reliance on external energy transfer medium itself was pressure changes pressure-type automatic adjustment of product, you can adjust the valve in the pressure equipment debugging process in accordance with their own processes pressure regulating valves for the guide command system set pressure after pressure regulating valves to value, pressure regulating valves will be natural gas pressure regulating valves, the pressure for you to set and automatically maintain its constant.

Pressure-regulating valves in the control room for your remote control oxygen flow downstream; Flow will be used for on-site oxygen pressure regulation and feedback to control the actual process parameters to control the distance. you can easily adjust the oxygen pressure.

Temperature control valve

Temperature control valve a major role in temperature control. temperature control valve sensors provide a ratio adjustment charge corrugated pipes. temperature control valve from around the room temperature control sensors, the corrugated effect of the load relative to the prospective pressure and room temperature, the pressure from a spring tension adjustment to balance. When the room temperature increases, the liquid pressure temperature control valve corrugated pipes have increased, and the driven temperature control valve cone is closed position until the corrugated balance between control and spring-loaded.

The temperature control valve according to the different requirements of users sets room temperature, its temperature constant feeling of the current hot demand at room temperature and in accordance with the automatic adjustment of heat supply in order to prevent overheating room temperature, users achieve the highest comfort. the temperature control valve can automatically be according to the requirements of maintaining accurate room temperature, without the impact of climatic conditions. Installed in each room of a temperature control valve guarantee to make full use of sunlight, lighting, mechanical and human circulated by the “free” heat to hit the effect of saving energy.



  • ball check valve
  • ball valve
  • Gate Valve
  • stainless steel valve
  • steel valve