We always work hard to improve our existing products and pursue new ideas and ways to stay ahead of the ever-changing market. With our professional and experience, hope can enlarge your market and obtain a new brilliance in the future.


GMK Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.

The main products of our company include ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, burrerfly valves, plug valves, strainer valves, power station valves, and gas valves ect.

Quality first / Prestige important

A well-trained and dedicated team including engineers, technicians and other employees. This allows us to offer customers a quality product, competitive price and prompt delivery time.

Advanced manufacturing technology

We have introduced advanced manufacturing technology from aboard and have advanced machining centers. CNC machine tools, metal cutting, and processing equipment, physical and chemical testing equipment, and other equipment to ensure the products reach the purpose of zero leakage.


Hight Quality

Always puts the quality at the first place and strictly supervise the product quality of every process

Strict Quality Control

GMK firmly adheres to the quality policy and goal of "improving continuously and seeking zero defecr"

Company Philosophy

Concentrates on industrial valves R&D and production, such as Ball valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves since 1980s


Our products are sold well worldwide including in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, etc. Certificated with ISO9001, API6D, CE/ PED.


We proudly work with...

Why is GMK a top-notch supplier of valve products?

A valve is a machine or a naturally occurring item that controls, guides, or gearshifts the flow of fluids such as liquids by introductory, shutting, or partly blocking different passages. Despite the fact that valves are technically fittings, they are frequently discussed separately.

Longman Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang—the hometown of China Pump & Valve—is where GMK VALVE was situated. Ball valves, gate valves etc., are some of our company’s most important items. 

  • A reasonably good management structure has been established for the technical research, development, and quality inspection centers.
  • Become a premium brand and the top provider of different valves globally. Become a business that people from all walks of life, including suppliers and consumers, adore and respect.
  • GMK are valve product suppliers with well-trained and committed staff, including engineers, technicians, and other personnel, enabling us to give consumers a quality product at a fair price and in a timely manner. We maintain the idea of “Quality first, Prestige important.”
  • We always strive to improve our current offerings and explore fresh concepts and approaches to keep ahead of the constantly evolving industry. Our skills and knowledge can increase your market and provide you with future greatness.
  • Ensuring that your Valve items supplier stems are likewise providing high-quality goods that will help you provide your consumers with top-notch services and support. We sell a variety of valves worldwide.

Why is GMK valve products stand out from other company’s valves?

Because of our high standards for quality, dependability, and performance, GMK valve products stand out from those of other manufacturers. Our goods are long-lasting and constructed from the finest materials. We also provide a huge selection of items for you to pick from. The leading producer of valves and other fluid control devices is GMK. Because we are the most dependable and offer the greatest customer service, GMK goods are the best. You have arrived at the correct site if you are seeking the greatest GMK items.


We are to guarantee that goods satisfy top-notch standards, keep learning and innovating, bring in foreign sophisticated technology and equipment, and establish a technological research and development center. We are unrivalled in our dedication to quality and customer service, and our products are created to meet the most exacting standards set by the oil and gas industry.

We have a lot of experience Across Industries:

He can provide expert guidance on product solutions because of his more than ten years of extensive industry knowledge and export experience. Recognize the superiority of the items and offer more options to buyers. A leading supplier of valves and valve products to the energy sector is GMK.


We guarantee outstanding quality provided in a timely way that is in line with your expectations thanks to our best-in-class infrastructure and most sought-after technological competence. “Quality first, prestige crucial” is a principle we firmly uphold. Respect for the environment and society, an emphasis on producing high-quality goods, and a commitment to continuing to offer customers cost-effective products and services are all important. To guarantee that the goods are of the highest quality, the entire process, from manufacture to quality inspection, is in accordance with international production standards.

Best customer service:

Because we care about our customers and their needs, GMK is a top supplier of premium valve products. One of the best suppliers of premium valve goods is GMK Valve Products. Our business has a long history of offering top-notch goods and services to customers. A product that stands out from the competition is the GMK valve. It is a dependable, high-quality valve that is simple to install and use. It is also very adaptable and has a wide range of uses. The GMK valve is a fantastic option for any application requiring a dependable, high-quality valve.

Supply a broad range of products:

The oil and gas, chemical, power generating, water treatment, and mining sectors are just a few industries that employ the many valves and valve products we provide. We are pleased to supply a broad range of premium valve products that are made to deliver the greatest outcomes to our clients. Our staff of experts is dedicated to providing each customer with the greatest level of service and support, and our goods are created utilizing cutting-edge technology and machinery.

GMK is trustworthy in the industry:

Thanks to our years of industry expertise, high-quality goods, and top-notch customer service, GMK is the most reliable firm for valve products. Manufacturing valves is a long-standing industry for GMK. Our knowledge and skills are derived from our experience, enabling us to create goods of excellent quality that satisfy our client’s expectations. In addition to the automotive, food & beverage, and medical sectors, our firm also manufactures high-quality valves for use in other industries. GMK is a well-known brand in the sector because of its dedication to innovation and client satisfaction.

Our business has a lengthy history of offering its clients top-notch goods and services. A group of specialists committed to offering the finest support for our goods stands behind our offerings. Our goods are renowned for their dependability and high quality. Ball valves, check valves, and gate valves are just a few of the numerous items offered by GMK. In addition, we provide a range of services, including valve maintenance and replacement. Because of their high quality, dependability, and affordability, GMK is the leading manufacturer of valves. First off, we offer products of the highest caliber. Our goods are strong and resistant to heavy use. Our pricing is also quite affordable. Get in touch with us.