Installation of Safety Valve

2021-08-06 By hqt

The safety valve is a special valve whose opening and closing parts are normally closed under the action of external force. When the medium pressure in the equipment or pipeline rises above the specified value, the medium is discharged to the outside of the system to prevent the medium pressure in the pipeline or equipment from exceeding the specified value.

Safety valves belong to the category of automatic valves, which are mainly used in boilers, pressure vessels, and pipelines. The control pressure does not exceed the specified value, which plays an important role in protecting personal safety and equipment operation. Note that the safety valve must be pressure tested before it can be used.

1. Before installation, the product must be carefully inspected to verify whether there is a certificate of conformity and product manual to clarify the constant pressure at the factory.

2. The safety valve should be arranged as close to the platform as possible for inspection and maintenance.

3. The safety valve should be installed vertically, the medium should flow from bottom to top, and the verticality of the valve stem should be checked.

4. Under normal circumstances, cut-off valves cannot be set before and after the safety valve to ensure safety and reliability.

5. Safety valve pressure relief: When the medium is liquid, it is generally discharged into the pipeline or closed system; when the medium is gas, it is generally discharged to the outdoor atmosphere.

6. Oil and gas media can generally be discharged into the atmosphere, and the outlet of the safety valve vent pipe should be 3m higher than the surrounding tallest structure, but in the following cases, it should be discharged into a closed system to ensure safety.

7. The diameter of the population pipeline should be at least equal to the inlet diameter of the valve; the diameter of the discharge pipe should not be less than the outlet diameter of the valve. The discharge pipe should be led to the outdoors and installed with a bent pipe so that the outlet of the pipe faces a safe zone.

8. When the safety valve is installed, when the connection between the safety valve and the equipment and pipeline is open-hole welding, the diameter of the opening should be the same as the nominal diameter of the safety valve.

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