What is a Globe valve?

Globe valves have a disc that may either be fully withdrawn from the flow path or closed off to entirely stop the flow. Common Globe valves may be used for both shutoff and regulating purposes. The pressure loss through these valves is somewhat greater than that of a straight-through valve (gate, plug, ball, etc.), but they may still be useful in situations when that difference is negligible. The disc transfers the system’s whole pressure to the valve stem, hence NPS 12 is the largest size that may be reasonably used for such a valve (DN 300). It is unusual to find a globe valve with a nominal pipe size (NPS) greater than 12 (DN 300). Greater pressures would need far greater stem forces for larger valves to open or shut. It’s possible to make and install a globe valve with a DN 1200 (NPS 48) or larger size. The use of globe valves is commonplace in the field of fluid mechanics. Premature failure and unsatisfactory service may be avoided if the design of the valve takes into account the range of flow control, pressure drop, and duty. Valve trim must be specifically constructed for valves that will be used in high-differential pressure throttling duty. In most cases, the differential pressure over the valve disc shouldn’t be more than 200 psi (1380 kPa) or 20% of the maximum upstream pressure. For uses above these differential pressure limitations, valves with particular trim may be constructed.

Design of Globe valve:

Tee Pattern globe valve design is the most prevalent body type, and the shape of the diaphragm on these valves is commonly a Z. Because the seat is positioned in a horizontal plane, the stem as well as the disc can move in a direction that is perpendicular to the line that is drawn in a horizontal plane. This specific design has the biggest pressure drop possible while also having the lowest flow coefficient. They are used in services that entail extreme throttling, such as in bypass lines that are located all around a control valve. These lines are an example of a service that calls for their application. Tee-pattern Globe valves may also be utilized in applications where there is no concern about a loss in pressure and when throttling is necessary. In these kinds of situations, the valves are employed to control the flow of the fluid.

The traditional Tee Pattern Globe valve has been upgraded to accommodate the Angle Pattern Globe valve’s new design. The ends of this Globe valve are cut at an angle of ninety degrees, and the direction of the flow of fluid may be adjusted by turning the valve one full round to the left or right. In comparison to these sorts of valves, globe valves that include a wye design have a flow coefficient that is a little bit greater. They are utilized in applications that contain periods of pulsating flow because of their ability to survive the slugging effect that is created by the kind of flow that they can handle. This ability allows them to manage flows of varying intensities.

Why we should buy a Globe valve?

You don’t have to be concerned about the amount of pressure loss when you use globe valves, which are perfect for situations in which you need to adjust the flow of fluid but don’t want to. The following are some major uses; Cooling water systems, Fuel oil systems, Systems for feeding water and chemicals to livestock lubricating oil distribution for turbines, Applications for draining and trimming in fire sprinkler systems, and other water-based types of fire prevention systems. When it comes to controlling valve applications in fire sprinkler systems, globe valves are not the greatest solution since the pressure in these systems is quite high. Instead, butterfly valves are often what people go for.

There are multiple alternatives to the globe valve, and being familiar with the various available choices will assist you in selecting the appropriate valve for the task at hand. Gate valves and ball valves are two important alternatives to the more common kind of valve known as the globe valve. First, let’s talk about the key distinctions that exist between gate and globe valves. Gate valves, like globe valves, are linear-motion valves. To open and shut them, you must spin a handwheel that is attached to a stem that is screwed into and removed from the bonnet. When a gate valve is closed, the stem moves in a direction that is perpendicular to the flow of the fluid. This causes an impediment to being forced downward.

When using a gate valve, the flow of fluid does not need to change directions since the flow route is straight. This is in contrast to globe valves. Because of this, gate valves result in very minimal loss of head pressure (L/D=8). The rate of fluid flow via a gate valve, on the other hand, is not proportional to the degree to which the valve is open at any one time. Globe valves are superior in this regard.

Advantages of Globe valve:

  • The capability of achieving a good cutoff
  • The capability of modulating speed ranges from moderate to excellent.
  • Shorter stroke (compared to a gate valve)
  • The tee, wye, and angle patterns are all available, and each has its own set of features.
  • Seats may be machined or resurfaced with relative ease.
  • It is possible to utilize the valve as a stop-check valve if the disc is not connected to the stem.

Applications of Globe valve:

This is a list of some of the most common applications for globe valves, which are as follows:

  • It is necessary to maintain control over the systems that regulate the flow of the cooling water.
  • Controlled delivery of fuel oil that places a focus on the necessity to be airtight throughout the system.
  • Utilize high-point vents and low-point drains in situations where avoiding leaks and maintaining safety are of the highest significance respectively.
  • Systems for extracting feedwater and chemicals, condenser air, and drainage, as well as extracting feedwater and chemicals
  • Ventilation and drainage for the primary steam system, ventilation and drainage for the boiler, and drainage for the heater
  • In addition to the ones already there, seals and drains have been installed on the lubricating oil system for the turbines.

From where to buy the best Globe valve?

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