Eccentric V Type Ball Valve

Eccentric V Type Ball valves are three basic varieties of rotary valves that manufacturing facilities use, and they are all variants of the eccentric V-type ball valve. They are frequently applicable in flow management for utilization. These Rotary Valves are suitable for use in conditions where there is a risk of corrosion occurring. You may find them in a wide variety of locations, including soap and detergent industries, medication and chemical processing facilities, rubber and paper mills, water purification facilities, textile and food manufacturing facilities, and many more.

  • Size:2″-56″
  • Rating:150LB,300LB
  • Material:WCB, LCB,LCC, WC6,WC9, C5,C12,C12A, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M,Alloy 20,B148,UB6 ,Hastelloy C etc
  • Operate:Hand lever, gearbox, Penumatic Actuator

CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


When compared to other kinds of valves, eccentric V-type ball valves provide a number of benefits, the most notable of which is their superior ease of operation and capacity to maintain and regulate flow while being subjected to high pressure and temperature. Eccentric V-Form Ball Valves are a type of ball valve that, in comparison to other types of ball valves, have a price that is more affordable and longer service life as a result of its solid construction.


  • The design of the valve’s regulating part makes it possible for it to function without the complications of aspect hundreds, which are typically seen in the categories of the Eccentric V-Type Ball Valves. 
  • Its design makes it possible for the examination and repair of seats and seals to be performed without having to remove the valve body from the pipeline.
  • As the name suggests, Eccentric V-Type Ball Valves are used to either stop or begin the flow of whatever substance is being controlled by the valve. 
  •  When the handle of the valve is cranked, the ball within the valve spins until the intake and the outflow via the valve body are parallel to one another. 


  • One piece body, Full Port design
  • Anti-blow out stem
  • Fire safe design and Anti-Static device
  • ISO 5211 mounting design upon request
  • The seat adopt the structure of matching inside step and outside step to prevent the ball block or leave form the seat
  • when the eccentric body and eccentric ball turn with the seat and stem, oriented in the same rbit, will become more closer during the closure proceeding, fully achieve the good sealing
  • Elastic non-metal material inserted in the metal seat to protect the sealing face of the seat.Semi-ball and sear make a filtering function, especially suitable for the meduim containing fiber, little grains,slurry, etc
  • Over-flowing area is big, flow resistance factor is small, the flowing capacity is big, the meduim wont stay in the body
  • With precise adjusting and reliable positioning functions, flow characteristics is nearly percentage, the adjusting range is wide, and the max ration is 100:1


Size 2″-56″
Rating 150LB,300LB
Material WCB, LCB,LCC, WC6,WC9, C5,C12,C12A, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M,Alloy 20,B148,UB6 ,Hastelloy C etc
Operate Hand lever, gearbox, Penumatic Actuator
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Design and Manufacture: API6D, API608
  • Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34
  • Face to face(end to end): ANSIB16.10
  • End Connection: 2″-24″ ASME B16.5; 26″ -42″ ASME B16.47; B.W end ASME B16.25
  • Test and inspection: API598
  • 6.Fire safe design:API607,API6F
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