Butterfly Buffering Check Valve

Butterfly Buffering Check Valve a pressure-regulating safety valve is equipped with a butterfly mechanism. The nominal diameter range is from 200 to 2000 millimeters at a normal pressure of 1 MPa (PN1.0Mpa). It is opened by the pressure of the medium and closed the reversing flow is more effective at sealing, and the larger the reversing flow pressure, the greater the reversing flow pressure. The design of the body is able to endure the impact of a water hammer. Because of its forward-thinking design, small size, low fluid resistance, trouble-free operation, secure sealing, long-term durability, and comfortable design, this product has established itself as the gold standard in the market for industrial water and sewage.


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Butterfly Buffering Check Valve can control closure by fast closing and slowly closing two phases, and you can manage the rapidly closing time and the gradually closing time. It is made possible by stopping the dump or blower fan from reversing, as well as the overload hammer pressure. This design minimizes the pressure losses that are brought on by the flow since the disk’s forces are equalized while it is in its open position, and there is no load on the shaft. The valve is used for preventing damage to upstream pipe networks, industrial water supply buffers, sewage treatment facilities, pump outputs, and other pump outlets.


  • In many situations, this valve is the best choice due to its portability, lightweight, and adequate flow control.
  • It is easy to use and needs little maintenance due to its straightforward construction. 
  • You can set them up and start using them in no time.
  • Provides precise flow regulation with minimum effort on the part of the user.
  • It is great for regulating pressure as well as flow.



Technical Parameters
Part Body Butterfly Seal-ring Stem Packing
Material Casting steel Cast steel,Ductile iron Oil-resisting chemigum, chloroprene rubber Stainless steel PTFE
Model PN(MPa) Test pressure (MPa) Working pressure Medium temperature Suitable medium
Casing Seal
H47X,H47H,HH47X, HH47XF ,HH47H, HDH47X 1 1.5 1.1 1 ≤80℃ Water, oil good, sea water, sludge
Product overview

The H47X, H47H, HH47X, HH47H, H47XF and HDH47X butterfly type check valves produced by our factory are mainly used in the water outlet of industrial water supply and sewage treatment plants to prevent the medium countercurrent in the pipe network. Active destruction of destructive water hammer, so as to ensure that water pumps and pipelines are not damaged. The valve is characterized by its valve body, cutting and buffering performance. It is the best product for industrial water and urban sewage disposal.

Important technical parameters

  • Nominal pressure: 1 ~ 2.5MPa
  • Nominal: 40 ~ 1400mm
  • Applicable medium: water, oil, sewage, sea water
  • Applicable temperature: 0~80 DEG C (if necessary, up to 200)

 Important parts and materials

parts name valve body disc valve rod Packing Seal ring
material gray casat iron cast steel gray casat iron cast steel,Nodular cast iron, stainless steel PTFE Nitrile butadiene rubber
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