Wafer Rising Check Valve

Wafer Rising Check Valve is a kind of in-line pipe valve that is often used in plumbing systems to control the direction of fluid flow and minimize or eliminate backflow. You may have heard wafer check valves referred to by one of their other names, such as a clack valve, a reflux valve, a nonreturn valve, or a one-way valve. All of these names relate to the same thing. It is possible for fluid flow reflux to take place whenever a process system is switched off; however, this kind of valve is intended to prevent this from happening.

  • Size:DN15-DN200,NPS1/2-8
  • Pressure:PN2.0-PN15.0

CE Certification

ISO Standards

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Wafer Rising Check Valve makes you able to manage the amount of liquid that passes through the valve thanks to a disc called the wafer that acts like a flap and can open and shut. This disc only opens in one way and closes when pressure is applied in the other direction. This is done so that fluid does not leak out in the opposite direction. Wafer check valves need just a negligible amount of fluid pressure in the system in order to perform their job. The check opens in the opposite direction when the pressure downstream is greater than the pressure upstream, and it closes in the opposite direction when the pressure upstream is higher than the pressure downstream. 


  • Wafer Rising Check Valve is an excellent choice where water hammer, mounting space, or flow restriction are issues that need to be addressed.
  • It is very thin and lightweight, allowing them to be “sandwiched” inline between two pipe flanges without causing a major shift in the footprint of the piping system. 
  • It is more durable, lightweight, small, efficient, and economical.
  • Presenting a low barrier to the passage of fluids.
  • It may be arranged either horizontally or vertically, whichever the user prefers.
  • Because there is less water hammer and impact pressure, it is more reliable.



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