How To Replace A Din Globe Valve In Your Car’s Fuel Tank

2023-01-31 By ren

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Fuel tanks in cars are often one of the last places you would expect to find a problem. But, like all things, they can eventually wear out. When this happens, you may experience problems with your car’s fuel system. Fortunately, replacing a din globe valve is a relatively simple task that can solve many issues with your car’s fuel system. In this article, we will outline the steps necessary to replace a din globe valve in your car’s fuel tank.

What is a Din Globe Valve and How Does It Work?

A din globe valve is a valve that allows fuel to flow into and out of your car’s fuel tank. The valve opens when you depress the gas pedal, and it closes when you release the pedal. It’s usually on the side of the tank near the filler neck.

When your car needs fuel, you open the din globe valve by depressing the gas pedal. The pump sends fuel into the tank through the connector pipe and into the engine. The valve then opens and lets the fuel flow out of the tank through the connector pipe to your car’s engine. When you release the gas pedal, the valve closes, stopping all fuel from flowing into or out of the tank.

How to Replace a Din Globe Valve in Your Car’s Fuel Tank

If your car has a fuel tank, it likely has a din globe valve to control the flow of fuel. This valve is usually located near the gas filler cap. It’s important to replace this valve if it starts leaking or if it becomes stuck open. Here’s how to replace it:

1 Open the gas filler cap and remove the old din globe valve.

2 Remove the washer and spring from the new din globe valve.

3 Insert the washer and spring into the new din globe valve, then push it into the fuel tank until it snaps into place.

4 Close the gas filler cap and test the flow of fuel from the tank by opening and closing the filler cap several times. If everything looks OK, replace any O-rings that may be needed.

What to Do if You Can’t Find the Valve or It’s Broken

If you find that you can’t open your car’s fuel tank, it may be because the valve has either broken or gone missing. In order to replace the valve, you will need to remove the car’s fuel line and pump. Here are instructions on how to do this:

1. Remove the fuel filler cap. This can be found just above the gas tank on most vehicles. Pop off the top and make sure there is no gas inside before replacing it.

2. Locate the fuel line attached to the pump located near the firewall on either side of the engine bay (depending on your car model). Disconnect both ends of this line by twisting them clockwise until they come free from their connections.

3. Make sure all of your tools are ready before starting: a wrench for turning screws, a socket for removing bolts, and a ratchet for tightening them once removed.

4. Remove both bolts that hold down the fuel pump housing unit in place (these can usually be found near or behind where the gas tank). Once these bolts are removed, carefully pull out the housing unit so that you are left with two brackets attached to one another by screws (see the image below). Be careful not to lose any parts – these brackets can often contain important electrical connections!

5. Carefully remove these brackets from their mounts and set them aside (you may want to note how they were originally attached in case you need to reinstall them later). You’ll now be able to see the fuel pump itself.

6. To replace the pump, use the wrench to turn the screws that hold it in place (usually two on each side). Once these screws are loose, carefully pull the pump out of its housing unit and set it aside.

7. Reinstall the brackets in reverse order, making sure that you connect both ends of the fuel line to them before tightening the screws back down. Replace the housing unit and Cap, and you’re done!

Tips for Making the Repair Safe and Easy

There are a few things you’ll need to do before you start the repair:

1. Pull your car over to a safe spot and turn off the engine.

2. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

3. Remove the fuel tank cover.

4. Use a screwdriver to loosen the four screws that hold the fuel tank in place.

5. Carefully pull the tank out of the car.

6. Remove any debris or old fuel from the internal components of the tank before starting repairs.

7. Clean all parts of the tank with a degreaser and a cloth before re-installation.

8. Install new gaskets, washers, and screws on every component of your fuel tank before refilling it with gasoline or diesel fuel.

9. Reattach the fuel tank cover and tighten the screws.

Tools You’ll Need

If your car’s fuel tank is leaking, you may need to replace the din globe valve. This is a small, round valve that sits at the top of the fuel tank. Then in globe valve opens and closes to allow gasoline into the car’s engine. It can be replaced by removing the gas cap and unscrewing the globe valve. You’ll need a replacement din globe valve, a Phillips head screwdriver, a socket wrench set, and some sealant.

Safety First!

Replacing a din globe valve in your car’s fuel tank can be a tricky task, but it’s definitely worth it to keep your engine running smoothly. Here are the steps for replacing a din globe valve:

1. Remove the fuel tank from your car. You’ll need to remove the bolts that secure the tank to the car’s frame and then shift it forward so you can access the valves on both sides.

2. Disconnect the hoses that supply fuel to the valves on each side of the tank. Then use a socket wrench to remove them.

3. Inspect each of the four valves for damage or wear and replace any that need repair. Make sure to install new gaskets and lubricate them with oil before re-installation.

4. Replace both valves on one side of the tank and then reinstall the hoses before re-fastening the bolts in place. Repeat this process on the other side of the tank. Be sure to torque all bolts in accordance with manufacturer specifications.


If your car’s fuel tank is full and you want to drive to the next town, but you don’t have any gasoline, you can replace the din globe valve on your car’s fuel tank. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Open the hood of your car.

2. Locate the fuel tank. It is usually located in the front or rear of the car near the engine.

3. Pry off the old din globe valve by using a screwdriver or a piece of wire. Discard it.

4. Install a new din globe valve by reversing steps 2-3. Be sure to tighten the screws securely with a wrench or pliers.


In this article, we will teach you how to replace a din globe valve in your car’s fuel tank. This is a relatively easy job that can save you money and prevent future problems with your car’s fuel system. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before beginning, and remember to use caution when working around fuel tanks – proper safety precautions are always important!



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