PFA Lined Vertical Lift Check Valve

GMK has been providing high-quality check valves for so long. The goal of the firm is to provide the best quality products. GMK PFA Lined Vertical Lift Check Valve is excellent for high-velocity flows in lines carrying air, water, gas, and steam as well as vapor and gas. PTFE, PFA, PO, and FEP lining materials are used in it. In order to enable upward flow, lift check valves may be in a vertical line.

  • Body Material:WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M
  • Lining Material:PTFE , PFA , PO ,FEP
  • Nominal Diameter:DN15~DN350
  • Pressure:PN6 , PN10 , PN16

CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


PFA Lined Vertical Lift Check valves are components that are included in a plumbing system to prevent the flow of fluid from moving in the opposite direction. The contents of the pipeline cause these valves to open and close. When the fluid pressure in the system reaches a certain threshold, the valve will open, and it will shut when the flow pattern shifts in a different direction. In order to shut, check mechanisms may be closed by their own weight, by back pressure, by a spring, or by a combination of all three. 


  • Our PFA Lined Vertical Lift Check valve has versatility, hence these valves have various applications in the manufacturing business.
  • These valves do not allow for the fluid to flow in the opposite direction.
  • In circumstances in which there is both high pressure and heat, you are free to put them to use.
  • They have a far lower rate of pressure loss compared to globe and diaphragm valves.
  • Utilizing these valves allows for the essential pressure levels to be maintained at a stable level.
  • GMK Check valves of the lift type may be maintained and even rebuilt so that they can be used several times.
  • This valve is really easy and not very big.
  • The maintenance required for a lift check valve is quite low.
  • The weight of these valves is lower in comparison to other valves available in the market.


Body Material WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M
Lining Material PTFE , PFA , PO ,FEP
Nominal Diameter DN15~DN350
Pressure PN6 , PN10 , PN16
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34,
  • Face-to-face: ASME B16.10
  • Flange: ASME B 16.5 ,DIN ,JIS
  • Inspection and Testing: API 598
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