PFA Lined Gate Valve

GMK PFA Lined Gate Valve is a kind of gate valve known as a “rising stem gate valve” one in which the disc of the gate valve moves upward in the same direction as the valve stem. The term “rising stem gate valve” is used to describe this kind of gate valve. A gate valve is said to have a “non rising stem gate valve” when the stem may be twisted without causing the disc to rise upward in a straight line. The stem nut for this kind of gate valve is located in the disc that the gate valve consists of. The dead-clamp phenomenon, which was previously caused by the presence of a medium consisting of particles and fiber on the interior of a screw non-rising stem-type gate valve, has been eradicated.

  • Body Material:WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M
  • Lining Material:PTFE, PFA, PO, FEP
  • Nominal Diameter:DN25-DN350
  • Rating:Class150, PN10, PN16

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The adoption of a new structural design by GMK and the valve can now be mounted in any position. This is because the dead-clamp phenomenon was traditionally caused by a medium consisting of particles and fibers that were present on the inside of the gate valve. The chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, paper, hydropower, and environmental protection industries, to name just a few of those that benefit from their use, are just some of the many industries that make extensive use of them. They are put to extensive use in a wide range of other sectors as well.


  • The PFA liner is fixed to the body, the ball, and the stem. Eliminates liner collapse under vacuum.
  • The PFA coating and TFM seats make it very resistant to corrosion.
  • Less expensive than a valve made of high-alloy materials
  • Less cost and weight, less weight, and less torque.
  • High flow rate and no restrictions
  • Bubble tight in both directions
  • It is easy to automate actuators.
Product name: PFA Lined Gate Valve
Body Material: WCB, ASTM A395, CF8, CF8M
Lining Material: PTFE, PFA, PO, FEP
Nominal Diameter: DN25-DN350
Rating: Class150, PN10, PN16
Operation: Manual ,Worn gear ,Electric ,Pneumatic actuator
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port: Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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