Pinch Valve

Pinch valves are a kind of flex-body valve that has a flexible tube that may be “pinched” together to totally obstruct the flow channel. It can be accomplished via the use of mechanical methods or with the use of fluid pressure. GMK pinch valve has flow tunnels that are straight and unbroken, and it does not have any bends or moving parts in it. The flexible body of this pinch valve has the potential to form a seal around the trapped materials. Because of this characteristic, the GMK pinch valve is an excellent choice for use while dealing with slurries, foods, and pharmaceuticals. GMK pinch valve finds use in situations where there is a potential for corrosion or metal contamination of the fluid. This is made possible by the fact that the working mechanism of the valve is totally separated from the fluid.


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The pinch valve performs both the on/off and throttling functions of service. Because of its design, which is straight through and does not impede flow in any way, pinch valves are particularly well-suited for on/off services. In addition, there is almost any difference in pressure between the input and the output in designs that are straight through. Gmk Pinch valves typically have an effective throttling range that is anywhere between 10 and 95 percent of the rated flow capacity. When it comes to the management of slurries, liquids that include significant quantities of suspended particles, and systems that transport materials through pneumatic means, pinch valves are the most appropriate choice.


The following are the Benefits of Using GMK Pinch Valves:

  • Exceptionally well-kept and with excellent drainage
  • Minimal turbulence
  • Low levels of pollutants in the air
  • Simple and inexpensive upkeep Simple and straightforward operation
  • Allows for usage in lines that are explosion-proof.
  • Inexpensive


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