Pneumatic Titanium Ball Valve

GMK is a professional ball valve manufacturer, a reputable company that also offers a broad selection of titanium ball valves suitable for a variety of applications. The pneumatic ball valve is a relatively new kind of valve that has gained significant popularity during the last few years. Its primary use is in pipelines, where it serves to stop, disperse, and alter the flow path of the medium. GMK pneumatic titanium ball valve uses gas as its power source, which is typically between PN1.0 and PN10.0 pressure. The usage of GMK valves is reasonably risk-free. If there is a breach in a pneumatic ball valve, the gas may be immediately released without causing any damage to the surrounding atmosphere.

  • Size:DN15-1200mm,NPS1/2″-24″
  • Body And Trim Material:TA1,TA2,TA10,TC4,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5
  • Seat Material:PTFE,PPL
  • Pressure:PN1.0-PN10.0
  • Driving Manner:Pneumatic
  • Temperature:-19℃-+250℃

CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


There are fewer parts in GMK pneumatic titanium ball valves, and it is simpler to keep up with their maintenance. The life span of GMK titanium ball valves is long. We hold a great deal of responsibility for the quality and longevity of our goods. Pneumatic ball valves are often less expensive than electric ones due to the actuator’s simple construction. The GMK Pneumatic ball valve has found widespread use in many industries, including the petrochemical industry, electricity production, paper production, nuclear energy, aircraft, rocketry, and many others, as well as in people’s everyday life.



  • GMK pneumatic titanium ball valves experience nearly no deterioration in air, freshwater, saltwater, or rising water vapor environments.
  • GMK ball valves and valves made of titanium are exceptionally corrosive and resistant in alkaline conditions.
  • Modification may be achieved using GMK pneumatic ball valves by adjusting the airflow at the entry point. Leakage or changes in pressure have the potential to readily change the placement of the valve.


  • Pipe thread in accordance:NPT,BSPT,DIN259,DIN2999,ISO228 CLASS A
  • Blow-out proof stem/full port
  • Locking device
  • With ISO 5211 mounting pad
  • Pneumatic actuator
Size DN15-1200mm,NPS1/2″-24″
Body And Trim Material TA1,TA2,TA10,TC4,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5
Seat Material PTFE,PPL
Pressure PN1.0-PN10.0
Driving Manner Pneumatic
Temperature -19℃-+250℃
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Design Standard: ASME B 16.34,API 6D
  • Face To Face: ASME B 16.10,API 6D
  • Flange Ends: ASME B16.5, B16.47
  • Test And Inspection: API 6D,API 598
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