PTFE PFA lined butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator

PTFE PFA-lined butterfly valves with pneumatic actuators are available from GMK and meet the highest quality standards in the industry. The PTFE PFA lined butterfly valve is available in a variety of material grades, including cast iron, carbon steel, ductile iron, and stainless steel. Other available material grades include alloy steel. The operational temperature and pressure requirements of the applications determine the material grades that must be used. It has an enhanced disc design, which results in reduced deflection at higher pressures and a tighter in-line seal. This is because the design was improved.

  • Body type:Straight-through type
  • Bonnet type:Standard integral type
  • Flow characteristic:Approximately equal percentage
  • Pressure class:PN1.6, 4.0, 6.3Mpa(ANSI 150, 300, 600LB)

CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


GMK provides a comprehensive range of high-quality valves in a variety of styles. Inspection and testing have been performed on our PTFE/PFA lined butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator. These valves have a working temperature that varies from -30 degrees Celsius to 550 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it has a fully encased bottom shaft, which removes the potential leak path at the bottom of the valve. Both of these features reduce the necessity for additional sealing components. They are utilized by the industry’s most prominent manufacturers of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and bulk drugs.


  • The primary advantages are that the operators are smaller, taking up less room, that they are easier to operate, and that they save money by using less expensive automation packages.
  • It is equipped with a live-loaded stem sealing system. For the valve’s lifetime, there is no provision for manual adjustment.
  • A blow-out-proof shaft design is included for the additional protection of the operator.
  • They are available in different sizes and can be customized.


Trim features: Central line structure fluorine lined trim
Body type: Straight-through type
Bonnet type: Standard integral type
Flow characteristic: Approximately equal percentage
Size: DN50-1000(2”-40”)
Pressure class: PN1.0, 1.6Mpa(ANSI 150LB)
Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅳ(standard type seat)
Pipe connection type: Wafer type, flange type
Actuator type: Pneumatic piston actuator, electric actuator, worm gear hand operating
Applicable temperature range: -30C° ~ 550C°
Supply ability 10000 piece/pieces per month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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