GMK Forged Steel Flange Ball Valve

Long-distance oil and natural gas pipelines, as well as other high-pressure industrial pipelines, frequently utilize GMK Forged Steel Flange Ball Valve. Forged steel ball valves used in long-distance pipelines must take into account the pipeline stress they must carry, the long-term service reliability of the outdoor climate, and other aspects unique to these pipelines. Sizes range for these forged steel ball valves, which can be purchased as either a floating or trunnion-mounted ball valve. Because of the high pressures used in the forging process, the carbon and iron alloy used to manufacture forged steel becomes extremely hard and robust. It guarantees consistency in both substance and form. The thermal cycling and deformation process that occurs during forging contributes to recrystallization and grain refining in metalworking. The resultant steel is strengthened, particularly against impact and shear. Because the steel’s grain flows are modified to fit the geometry of the product, forged steel is typically stronger and more reliable than castings and plate steel.

  • Size:DN15-DN200
  • Material:A105, LF2, F11, F22, F304, F304L, F316, F316L F904L Allay20 ect
  • Connection:Flange
  • Media:Oil

CE Certification

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Benefits of GMK Forged Steel Flange Ball Valve:

  • The low or even nonexistent flow resistance of a forged steel ball valve is an attractive feature. Most forged steel ball valves have PTFE elastomer valve seats, allowing for consistent sealing performance even at high pressures and temperatures.
  • The forged steel ball valve is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. The PTFE valve seat sealing ring is the primary component of the forged steel ball valve. PTFE is resistant to the effects of nearly all chemicals and has a wide range of useful temperatures, a wide range of suitable operating conditions, excellent sealing properties, and low friction factors. When the valve bodies are constructed from stainless steel, it also has excellent corrosion resistance.
  • The forged steel ball valve can be used for both shutoff and flow control. Spring pre-tightening is used on the floating valve seat of the forged steel ball valve. Whether the valves are fully open or closed, fluid cannot pass through either the upstream or downstream valve seats, allowing the residues within the valve bodies to drain out through the drain valves.
  • The fire-prevention feature of the forged steel ball valve. All of the design and production processes are conformant to established norms.


  • Full&reduce bore
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Fire-safe seat sealing
  • Interlocking device
  • Anti-static device


Size DN15-DN200
Material A105, LF2, F11, F22, F304, F304L, F316, F316L F904L Allay20 ect
Connection Flange
Media Oil
Supply ability 10000 piece/pieces per month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Delivery time 7-10 Working day
  • Design and manufacture: BS5351, MSS SP-118
  • Test and inspection: AP598
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