Forged Steel Piston Check Valve

The production of the Forged Steel Piston Check Valve utilizes a forging process, which comprises shaping metals and alloys while they are in their solid form. Forging may be done in a number of different ways, the most common of which are rolled ring forging, closed die forging, and open die forging. Forging done using open dies makes use of a variety of compressive forces while forging done with rolling rings makes use of curved discs. It results in the valves having a forged appearance. Valves that have been forged are able to survive harsh circumstances such as high pressure and heat, which contribute to their reputation for durability.

  • Size:3/8″-2″
  • Pressure:800LB,900-1500LB
  • Material:A105,LF2,F11,F22,F304,F304L,F316, F316L F904L Allay20 ect
  • Connection:NPT thread,Socket weld

CE Certification

ISO Standards

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The Forged Steel Piston Check Valve is a kind of valve that can work on its own and opens and shuts in response to the direction that the service flow is moving in. The check valve ensures that the service can only flow in one direction, while simultaneously preventing it from flowing in the other direction. This type of valve is often used to stop the flow from being reversed. This Forged Steel Piston Check Valve is automatically triggered by the service pressure in one direction, and it closes when the flow of the service is in the other direction by pressing the disc to the seat. When the service pressure is in the opposite direction, the valve remains open.


  • Forged valves are useful due to their strength and dependability since they are able to handle high temperatures and pressure with little shrinkage, porosity, or cracking. In addition, they are able to survive extreme conditions. 
  • Each one is crafted from a single piece of metal throughout the manufacturing process. They are an outstanding choice for applications in the nuclear, oil and gas, and power-producing sectors, among others.
  •  Forged valves are less prone to suffer from thermal fatigue, even when exposed to fast temperature fluctuations. This is because forged valves have thinner walls. 


  • Product name: Forged Steel Piston Check Valve
  • Size:3/8″-2″
  • Pressure: 800LB,900-1500LB
  • Material: A105,LF2,F11,F22,F304,F304L,F316,
    F316L ect
  • Connection: NPT thread,Socket weld
Size 3/8″-2″
Pressure 800LB,900-1500LB
Material A105,LF2,F11,F22,F304,F304L,F316, F316L F904L Allay20 ect
Connection NPT thread,Socket weld
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Design and Manufacture: API602,ANSI B16.34
  • Face to face(end to end): Manufacture standard
  • NPT End Connection: ANSI B1.20.1
  • SW End Connection: ANSI B16.11
  • Test and inspection: API598
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