Knife Gate Valve

GMK is a very popular and emerging brand of gate valves. Our GMK knife gate valve involves removing a panel from the circulation route that has a flat or “knife” edge. This edge may cut through a variety of obstacles when the valve is closed, resulting in a satisfactory resolution against a valve body that is more flexible. Because it was not intended to withstand high pressure, this soft sealing surface can only be used in relatively low-pressure applications. It is not meant to work with higher pressure.  GMK knife gate valves are similar in that they are generally intended to be used for on/off or isolating operations instead of for throttled or incomplete applications.


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Product name: Knife Gate Valve

Because the knife gate can easily cut through slurries and other extremely viscous fluids, the GMK knife gate valve is an excellent choice for usage in media that is both slurry and sticky. The construction of this valve serves to minimize the amount of contact that occurs between the various valve parts. Because of this, there is very little friction and wear and tear between the different components. These valves are designed by GMK Knife gate valve maker for fluid operations that include on and off states. You can use the GMK gate valve for many purposes.


  • They may be easily activated by physical, chemical, or hydraulic methods without requiring much effort.
  • They also have very little impact on one’s budget.
  • Knife gate valves made by GMK may be automatically controlled, or they can be physically actuated by turning a handwheel on the valve.
  • There are a variety of materials that go into making a GMK Knife gate valve. On our website, you can get gate valves of every conceivable variety. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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