Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Heavily loaded devices with a solid frame, knife gate, loading box with packing, large air cylinder, and hand-operated crank are the distinguishing characteristics of the GMK Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve. The blades of a GMK Knife gate valve are often sharpened so that they can cut through thick liquids. These valves are intended to operate in some of the most severe situations imaginable. They are particularly helpful in water remediation where rust is a significant problem since they are resistant to it. Therefore, besides having a valve design that is adapted for slurry media, it is advantageous to have a knife manufactured of acid-proof stainless steel. This helps make the knife less vulnerable to corrosion resulting from corrosion, which in turn results in it requiring fewer regular inspections or indeed backup.


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Product Name: Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

You should only employ GMK knife gate valves for purposes that need a position that is either entirely open or effectively sealed. These valves should not be used to control flow unless they were intended specifically for that purpose. There will be moved every time fluid is pressed up against a gate that is only partly closed. This motion will progressively erode both the disc and the seat.


The benefits of our Pneumatic knife gate valve are given below:

  • When in its fully open position, a GMK knife gate valve offers a flow transition that is both extremely low and very seamless.
  • Any orientation is acceptable for installing the valve. On the other hand, it is best if the stem is aligned perpendicular to the surface of the ground and the wheel is located on the upper edge.
  • It has a suitable size, even when used for pipes with high nominal dimensions.
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