Non-Rising Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

A combined valve body casting method is used in the production of the GMK Non-Rising stem knife gate valve. For the valve to meet zero leakage criteria, the u-shaped rubber seal that is covered with side slots in the valve body must be securely sealed to the surface of the gate. These knife gate valves, which are part of the GMK series, feature lightweight materials and excellent closing characteristics. The valve is simple to open and shut and requires little effort to operate. GMK cast steel knife gate valve does not include a notch at the base of the body, does not obstruct the flow of slag, and has a complete size. No matter how many times you use one of our valves, it will always perform flawlessly.


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Product name: Non-Rising Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

These GMK stem knife gate valves have a very broad variety of uses and please investigate, and they are extensively utilized in many industries such as urban treating wastewater, power stations, paper-producing chemicals, tap water systems, and mine slag drainage, amongst other uses, and industries of work. Our most recent improvement to our extensive catalog of knife gate valves is the design of our own.


  • The body of the valve is sealed, eliminating the possibility of materials accumulating there and jamming the device.
  • Our GMK knife gate valve provides a tight seal in both ways up to the standard pressure.
  • To accommodate greater pressure, the GMK knife gate diameter is perfect.
  • This GMK non-rising knife gate valve with continuous flow control is a great choice for pipelines in which the flow orientation and the pressure flow frequently switch.
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