JIS Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve

The GMK JIS Stainless knife gate valve is a valve that only allows flow in one direction and is designed for use in normal industrial workplaces. A wafer-style cast gearbox body is used in the construction of uni-directional GMK knife gate valves. These valves include an elevated front and strengthen ribs for greater conventional sizes to provide additional core strength. A sharp cutting edge may be seen on the plate diameter of the sliding gate that is found on knife gate valves. As a direct consequence, it is possible to cut into objects while maintaining a secure seal in the locked state.


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Product name: JIS Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve

In the GMK JIS Stainless steel knife gate valve, the plate width may be raised upon request for greater working pressures, and/or a substance of better quality can be utilized. Both modifications are possible in our knife gate valves. Forcing the gate into the seat when the valve is shut is what makes the stainless-steel knife gate valve a pressured closure design.



  • The sticky object may be easily removed with the help of the automated shaving capabilities of the openable disc-sealing surface of the GMK gate valve.
  • The degradation of the seal may be avoided with the help of the stainless disc of the GMK JIS Stainless steel knife gate valve.
  • In contrast to being beneficial when dealing with viscous, caustic, and caustic materials, JIS stainless knife gate valves are extremely helpful when it comes to managing slurry.
  • As the piston of a knife gate valve moves in a plane that is parallel to the flow of the medium, they are more productive than other types of valves.
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