GMK Knife Gate Valve with Pneumatic Actuator

GMK offers a Knife Gate Valve with Pneumatic Actuator. To better sever the process media, the closing membrane of a knife gate valve, which is a linear valve, is sharpened (such as slurry). As the gate moves from open to closed within the valve body, it is cleaned by scrapers that are attached to the stem. You can find them in wafer, lug, and flange connections, and they can be operated manually or automatically (using a knife gate valve actuator). Knife gate valves have several uses, including those requiring isolation and those requiring precise control. However, valve trims need to be tailored to each individual system in order to deliver adequate control characteristics. Traditional knife gate valves, such as those made of robust material or with a metal seat, are primarily intended for fluid isolation because of their weak control qualities. Their ‘blade-like’ gate shape is particularly well-suited to situations in which the process media is extremely thick or has a high concentration of solids. In addition to the benefits of the reduced internal area being in contact with highly abrasive process media, their design also features a short face-to-face dimension.


  • Size:DN 50~600mm NPS 2”-24”
  • Face to face:MSS SP-81
  • Flange connection :GB/T 9113.1, JB/T 79.1, HG 20592, ASME B 16.5, EN1092-1 (other connections on request)

CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included



  • Because there are no voids below the gate in which the medium can concentrate, liquids of any viscosity can move through a knife gate valve with ease.
  • Gate scrapers and deflector cones for impure or abrasive media can be supplied to further protect the packing glands, and the valves are self-cleaning since particles are driven off the gate when the valve is opened. In most cases, the valve’s top packing gland can be removed and replaced without taking the valve apart.
  • Because of their straightforward construction, knife gate valves require little in the way of upkeep and are inexpensive to set up.
  • Because of their reversible nature, these valves can be installed in either the forward or reverse position, depending on the needs of the system.
  • In addition to protecting the seal and using high-quality materials, a fully machined and plain bore improves performance and extends the life of the product.

According to the different working situations: non-rising stem knife gate valve, wafer knife gate valve, lugged knife gate valve, pneumatic knife gate valve, electric knife gate valve, manual knife gate valve, and bevel gear knife gate valve are all available.


Guide claws design at the port bottom for gate fixture, instead of a groove, eliminates any potential clogging when valve shutoff. Integral body design ensures smooth flow, easy assembly, and smaller shell leakage possibility.


  • A beveled knife edge provides strong cutting stress and tight sealing
  • PTFE resilient point guider above the port prevents metal-metal contact between gate and body
  • Gate thickness can be increased to meet higher pressure


  • The side-entry seat is replaceable, reducing the cost of maintenance
  • The preloaded seat is adjustable to meet different sealing classes and compensate for normal seat wear
  • The seat retainer covers the side of the seat and prevents the seat from direct flow flushing


  • Double thrust bearing minimizes the torque required for operation
  • Stem Cover is available
  • Grease Nipple is available
  • Bearing Cover is available

Sizes range:

DN 50~600mm  NPS 2”-24”(Large diameter on request)

Sealing options:

  • NBR:90°C, EPDM: 120°C
  • Viton: 200°C, PTFE: 200°C
  • Metal seal: 304/316+Satellite

Max working pressure:

  • DN50~DN250: 10Bar  NPS2~NPS10: 150Psi
  • DN300~DN450: 7Bar  NPS12~NPS18: 90Psi
  • DN500~DN600: 4Bar  NPS20~NPS24: 60Psi

Face to face:


Flange connection:                          

GB/T 9113.1, JB/T 79.1,HG 20592, ASME B 16.5, EN1092-1 (other connections on request)

Operation option:                             

  • Handwheel/Bevel Gear
  • Pneumatic



Size DN 50~600mm NPS 2”-24”
Face to face MSS SP-81
Flange connection GB/T 9113.1, JB/T 79.1, HG 20592, ASME B 16.5, EN1092-1 (other connections on request)
Supply ability 10000 piece/pieces per month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Delivery time 7-10 Working day

Pulp & Paper / Water & Waster Water /Mining / Metallurgy/Petrochemical /Printing & Dying / Pharmacy/ Beverage & Food

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