Small Size Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

GMK is an emerging Chinese brand of gate valves. When cutting through a flowing medium that has very high concentrations of colloidal particles, a GMK Small Size Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve utilizes a flat blade for optimal performance. Pneumatic Knife Gate Valves are one of our specialties, and we have a comprehensive and superior selection of these valves. Corrosion is a challenge that must be handled in the sewage industry as soon as possible. GMK small-size pneumatic Knife-gate valves that feature a knife made of stainless steel are less likely to get damaged because of corrosion brought on by the environment. As a result, these GMK small-size pneumatic gate valves have a longer lifespan and need less frequent maintenance or replacement.


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Product name: Small Size Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Using stainless steel for components that are crucial for appropriate performance and thereby ensuring the long-term dependable functioning of a valve in water remediation is advantageous for several reasons, including the following: When the valve is opened, two scraper features that are incorporated on both sides wipe the knife as it moves through the system. The use of these GMK gate knife valves cuts down the pointless repair labor, which in turn saves both cash and time.


  • The knife gate valve is lighter, in addition to having a small size and moderate flow properties.
  • As a direct result of the development of GMK knife gate valves, a significant portion of the existing stock of basic shut-off valves and controlling valves has been discarded.
  • The GMK small-size pneumatic knife gate valve has a cheap price, a short implementation area, a low operating power, and it does not easily gather debris.
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