One piece Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

When it comes to streams with a lot of dissolved particles, GMK knife gate valves are best used for on/off and separation operations. We have a vast variety of knife gate valves on our website. For the safe and efficient control of sludge and other sticky, acidic, and aggressive mediums, GMK one-piece cast steel knife gate valve is an excellent choice. The GMK knife gate valve is light, simple to use, and cheap, and they reduce pressure differences in completely open conditions. You won’t face any issues with the GMK valve blocking when the fluid supply is switched off.


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Product name: One piece Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve

One piece Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve includes a removable, sharpened seat made of Stainless Steel, which can handle the high stresses required to tear cables, staples, or crystal. The edges and pattern of blades in the seating circle are intended to cut into tough garbage without clumping or jamming. Compared to other valves typically employed in such demanding applications, this one has a greater service life, requires less outage, and has low maintenance costs overall. Our one-piece cast steel knife gate valve gate valves are often used in water supply systems and water pump units, knife gate valves are more common in sewage treatment facilities, petrochemical industries, manufacturing, and processing plants, among other industrial uses.


  • We offer a high-performance packing method that helps to keep things running smoothly for a lot longer.
  • When you use a GMK one-piece Cast Steel Knife Gate Valve, you can be certain that the movable gate will be supported during the whole stroke.
  • Its robust frame can bear beating from repeated use and vibration.
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