Soft seat Sluice Knife Gate Valve

In any business, a sluice gate may refer to any one of several distinct kinds of valves, each of which may be known by various names. The GMK soft seat sluice knife gate valve is by far the most typical design. This valve features a gate that may raise (to enable fluid to pass beneath it) and drop (to halt the flow of fluid) to streamline the process of fluid. When a sluice gate is shut, it is referred to as a spillway gate if liquid may flow over the top of the gate while it is shut. The gates or apertures of sluice gates might be circular, square, or rectangular.


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Product name: Soft seat Sluice Knife Gate Valve

When it comes to handling slurries, the GMK sluice gate valve is the most frequent kind of valve that is utilized in processing facilities. Whenever these valves are put into action, they are either completely blown or closed. The large flow speed that occurs in the partly open valve may erode the disc and seat surface, in addition to causing noise and vibrations in the system. These GMK gates are often used to control the volumes of water and the water flowing in rivers and waterways. They are designed to be shut in just one way. A GMK Soft seat Sluice Knife Gate Valve for other potential use is in sewage treatment facilities.



  • Most of the time, thermoplastic materials such as PTFE are used to construct soft seats.
  • However, while dealing with unclean or abrasive process fluids, you should avoid using chairs made of soft materials.
  • In these situations, soft seats are more likely to degrade, which might lead to the valve leaking.


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