One piece Bi-direction Knife Gate Valve

One piece Bi-direction Knife Gate Valve is resistant to pipeline pressures and maximizes the stresses. Its design also results in maximum strength at the least possible weight. The design of the compact sphere eliminates body flanges to further reduce the number of potential leak spots. It is possible since the One piece Bi-direction Knife Gate Valve is both tiny and does not include any moving components.


CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


Our One-piece Bi-direction Knife Gate Valve provides the longest possible cycle life in potentially hazardous environments, as it has a protective stem cover. You are able to accomplish a bidirectional cutoff that is 100% leak-free because of the proprietary design. It ensures that no metal pieces come into contact with the process fluid. Seating on both sides of the gate and using back pressures, this valve is watertight and resistant to solid buildup that may prevent them from closing. The torque and thrust of this bidirectional valve are often less, and they also have the additional benefit of being able to be installed on either the inlet or outlet of a pipe.


  • A full port valve design enables unfettered flow with little loss of pressure, which contributes to increased sleeve durability over time.
  • Designed with enough room to pass through while yet allowing the gate to shut completely.
  • The flanged body is drilled and tapped in accordance with ASME flange requirements, and it is then bolted together in two sections in order to make regular maintenance as easy as possible. 
  • The mining, wastewater, power plant, and food and beverage industries can use this valve because simplicity with which this valve could be handled and maintained. As a result, the use of this valve quickly expanded into other areas.
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