BS Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve

Because of the knife-shaped gate, the GMK BS stainless steel knife gate valve has excellent shredding action. This makes it particularly well-suited for fluids that are challenging to regulate, such as liquid, particle, and fiber. Paper manufacturing, petrochemical production, mining, drainage, the food industry, and many others make extensive use of it. There is a wide selection of valve seats available, and to implement automated functioning of the valve, each one of these seats may be fitted with either electrical or hydraulic controllers, depending on the requirements of the on-site management.


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Product name: BS Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve

You can use a GMK BS Stainless steel knife gate valve for quality control measures. When fitted with a control valve, it is capable of being automated. Another term for the gate valve is the stainless-steel sluice valve. This kind of GMK knife gate valve operates by removing the barrier that was previously in the way of the flow of fluid. Along the axis of the pipe, a very little amount of room is needed for the 300 stainless steel gate valves. When the gate is in its completely open position, it has very little ability to block the passage of anything.


  • It is difficult to exert any kind of control over the way the fluid is moving.
  • The surface of the sealing material is resistant to washing and erosion, which means that it will not readily cause the asset’s value to decrease.
  • There is a very excellent manufacturing process, in addition to the fact that the design is simple and short in length. As a result, the scope of possible applications is quite broad.
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