New Type Chain Wheel Knife Gate Valve

GMK’s new chain wheel knife gate valve is specifically meant to control valves that are in difficult-to-reach locations. GMK Chain wheels may be quickly and simply attached to the gear mechanism of valves with diameters ranging from 2″ to 36″. This GMK chain-wheel knife gate valve has a revolutionary construction that incorporates both a soft seal and a hard seal. Soft seals with activity seats and changeable rubber rings can readily replace broken seal rings to successfully meet sealing requirements. We are known across the globe for providing the highest-quality gate valves.


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Product name: New Type Chain Wheel Knife Gate Valve

Additionally, soft seals may be built using PTFE seals in response to specific requests from customers. It entirely makes up for the fact that PTFE in the past was hard to close and that manufacturing was cumbersome, and the yoke is moulded into a model employing design to make the valve more durable and user-friendly. Paper manufacturing, mining, sewage treatment, the chemical sector, and the food business may all make use of it. Chain wheels made by GMK Gate valves are an energy-efficient valve alternative. When compared to globe valves, gate valves use less amount of power to open and close. Because of this, gate valves are preferred. Because of how efficiently they use power, they help bring down the overall cost of maintenance.


  • Chain wheels may be provided with gear reduction controllers as an alternate form of mechanical operation.
  • GMK Chain wheels gate valves are durable in composition and are obtainable in a variety of various sizes.
  • Chain wheels can be mounted to any controlled remotely knife control valve in place of a gear mechanism.
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