Lever Ball Float Steam trap

A ball float steam trap is a mechanical device in which a trap operates as a result of a variation in the steam’s density. A floating trap ball is held in place by a valve in this apparatus. When the body of the valve is filled with liquid, the ball begins to float on the surface of the liquid. As a result, the steam will cause the ball to roll downhill, which will result in the gate being closed. In addition, the valve has the capability of allowing steam flow at a rate that may be modified or regulated.

  • Size:DN15 – 100
  • Pressure:1.6- 4.0Mpa
  • Material:WCB,CF8,CF8M
  • Body Material:WCB
  • Connection:Flange,Internal Thread
  • Temperature:<=350℃

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GMK’S Lever Ball Float Steam trap is a piece of equipment that is used in the process of separating steam and water. Ball float steam traps are designed to minimize the amount of steam that is lost. The effectiveness of a steam plant is negatively impacted in a number of ways by the presence of air and condensation in the steam that is produced at the plant. These impacts include taking up the heating area that might otherwise be taken by steam and also causing the creation of water films or air pockets on the heating surface, both of which restrict the amount of heat that can be transferred.


  • Immediate release of condensate together with a clean and secure shut-off. Maximum plant efficiency is ensured when there is no backlog of condensate.
  • No live steam is allowed to travel through its workings, although it is effective on both heavy and small loads.
  • Not impacted by large and rapid changes in either pressure or flowrate
  • Internal components made of stainless steel that are resistant to corrosive condensate
  • Integrated air vent to facilitate the speedy warming up of the plant
  • Constructed with durable materials to provide a long service life in spite of water pounding and vibration.
Size DN15 – 100
Pressure 1.6- 4.0Mpa
Material WCB,CF8,CF8M
Body Material WCB
Connection Flange,Internal Thread
Temperature <=350℃
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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