PFA Lined Ball Valve

Our Lined ball valves are the more cost-effective when there is a need for long-term sealing and durability in applications that include chemicals or are very corrosive. Because of their durability, reliability, and consistent performance even after being cycled repeatedly, they are an excellent choice for use in applications involving control and shutdown. Our PFA-lined ball valves are appropriate for automation due to the fact that the mounting pad makes it easy to automate the valve while it is still in the pipeline and that they may be positioned regardless of the direction in which the flow is occurring. It makes them suitable for automation

  • Body Material:WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M
  • Lining Material:PTFE , PFA , PO ,FEP
  • Nominal Diameter:1/2″-14″
  • Pressure:Class150 , PN10 , PN16
  • Operation:Manual , Worn gear ,Electric ,Pneumatic actuator

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GMK PFA Lined Ball Valve has a stem, and the body is all covered with polyethylene fluoride (PFA), which offers unrivaled protection against corrosion, penetration, and the contamination of microorganisms. This lined ball valve has its own anti-static mechanism that guards against potentially dangerous electrostatic discharges. In addition, the stem design has an anti-blowing-out function for an additional layer of protection.


  •  It has the highest standards of tidiness and reliability.
  • The full-port design ensures that there are no constraints placed on the movement of air since it has high rates of flow with a minimal amount of impediment drop in pressure.
  • Ball made of a single piece of a high-strength material that is both long-lasting and stem regulates volume and prevents explosions
  • It eliminates leaks and contributes to the reduction of fugitive emissions.
  • It is Long-lasting and resistant to deterioration from corrosion
  • It protects the liner that has been inserted from any potential hazards.
  • It eliminates the potential for static electricity to build up and causes neutralization.
Body Material WCB, ASTM A395 , CF8 ,CF8M
Lining Material PTFE , PFA , PO ,FEP
Nominal Diameter 1/2″-14″
Pressure Class150 , PN10 , PN16
Operation Manual , Worn gear ,Electric ,Pneumatic actuator
  • Design and Manufacture : ASME B16.34
  • Face-to-face: ASME B16.10
  • Flange: ASME B 16.5,DIN ,JIS
  • Inspection and Testing: API 598
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