AT Actuator

GMK is well known for AT actuators. The actuator has the honed cylinder surface of the extruded aluminum. ASTM6005 body provides longer life and a lower coefficient of friction. You can achieve the reverse rotation in the field by simply flipping the pistons, thanks to the rack and pinion design’s dual pistons, which also allow for compact construction, a symmetric mounting location, a high-cycle life, and rapid operation. Our goods meet or exceed the requirements of NAMUR and ISO5211, and they are made in facilities that are ISO 9001:2000 and CE certified.


CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


GMK offers a full selection of rack and pinion actuators, the top pick for handling butterfly and bass valves. Products that are dependable and readily accessible in the actual world and may be used in a variety of settings. When it comes to manufacturing, safety must always come before everything else. It has been shown that using our AT actuators may improve output while simultaneously lowering the rate of failure. If the function of the actuators has to be altered, the control system allows for simple reprogramming of the actuators.


  • The racks and pistons have several bearings and guides, which reduce friction, increase cycle life, and safeguard against shaft blowouts.
  • It has easy range expansion, increased safety, corrosion resistance, and longer cycle life, consider a pre-loaded spring cartridge with a modular design and a coating.
  • Its Stainless steel fasteners for long-term corrosion resistance; fully machined teeth on piston and pinion for precision minimal backlash rack and pinion engagement; optimal efficiency.
  • ISO5211, DIN3337, and NAUMR are all fully met, allowing for product interchangeability and the straightforward attachment of solenoids, limit switches, and other accessories.


Type rack & pinion design, double acting
Max. Torque 8140N.m (5Bar)
Cylinder 32~400 ( 18 different sizes)
Rotation Angel 90°±5° ( by means of External adjusting screw )
Working Pressure 2-8 Bar

Standard: -20°~80° ( NBR)

Low Temperature: -40°~80° ( L-NBR )

High Temperature: -15°~150° ( Viton)

Interface Actuator/Valve: acc. to ISO5211, DIN3337

Interface Actuator/Control Valve (solenoid valve etc.): acc. to NAMUR

Interface Actuator/Signal Unit (limit switch, positioner): acc. to NAMUR

Can I get a discount?
This depends on the specific situation, you can call directly to consult.