Honeywell Limit Switches

MICRO SWITCH SZL-WL Series general purpose limit switches

The limit switches from Honeywell, known as MICRO SWITCH, are built to endure the harsh environments of heavy industry. Honeywell’s industrial switches come in a variety of mounting and actuator configurations, and their sturdy, die-cast bodies have been epoxy coated. There are also factory-sealed, pre-wired models, as well as low- and high-temperature variations.


CE Certification

ISO Standards

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Honeywell Limit Switches has adaptable design, then it can accommodate a broad range of actuator types, working heads, and electrical systems. As the switch can be swapped out in seconds with the plug-in variants, manufacturing lines with high actuation rates see far less downtime. All wiring and conduit connections are housed in the receptacle base, and the switching component with the operating head attaches to the base with only two screws. GMK has been providing reliable switches for a long ago; scroll down to see more!


  • Limit switches stand out due to their unique benefits. Some kinds of limit switches have the addition of positive opening contacts, for instance. Direct mechanical connection inside the limit switch opens the usually closed positive opening contacts.
  • When activated, it causes the limit switch’s contacts to open. To further adapt, we installed fluorosilicone seals, which can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). Honeywell limit switch provides a pre-cabled alternative for certain uses, in addition to the standard option of an inbuilt threaded conduit found on most industrial limit switches.
  • As a proven piece of equipment, industrial limit switches never let you down.
  • In order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the business, limit switches are constantly refined and improved.



Working environment Temperature

Standard Temperature:-20 +80;

High Temperature:-20+250;

Low Temperature:-40 +70.