Pneumatic Quarter turn actuator

In the automation and chemical industries, GMK Pneumatic Quarter turn actuators are among the most trustworthy and productive actuators. During the production process, these actuators were subjected to stringent testing to guarantee that, When our customers purchase these actuators, they will function dependably and effectively. During the manufacturing process of a quarter-turn actuator, the component goes through a series of rigorous tests and is lubricated many times.


CE Certification

ISO Standards

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Pneumatic actuators with a quarter-turn of the screw are suitable for use with either butterfly or plug valves. When it comes to actuators for valves, pneumatic ones are among the ones that provide the greatest degree of convenience to the user. Any circumstance that calls for a rotation of ninety degrees may benefit from the use of quarter-turn actuators. Because of their mobility and small size, they are very easy to assemble. Installation is made easier thanks to the universal connection standard used for the shafts.


  • Pneumatic Quarter turn actuators are often used in the water industry to control water flow, and our actuators are built to function for this purpose. 
  • You can avoid the actuator from being damaged by using GMK valves that use power-off motor brakes to maintain a tight seal.
  • Our quarter-turn actuators provide a perpendicular and parallel position for easy on/off operation, simplifying water management.
  • It might be challenging to regulate water flow and keep levels safe in a water or wastewater treatment plant if the power is down. Our fail-safe quarter-turn actuators save time in these circumstances because they are automatically open or close to regulate water flow as needed. 
  • Its safety feature automatically activates when the power goes off, and it resets to normal operation when the power comes back on.