APL limit switch

The APL 210 limit Switch is a rotary-type position indicator that is manufactured to handle a wide variety of internal switches or sensors in addition to a valve and a pneumatic actuator. It also has a pneumatic actuator. The APL limit switch is a mechanical switch with a 100,000-cycle operating life that is low-cost and has a single-pole, double-throw plated contact switch. As a result, it is an excellent choice for controlling tiny pneumatic actuators.

APL limit switch
APL limit switch

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The APL-210 limit switch is made out of aluminum and has two V3 SPDT limit switches, a beacon indicator, and a stainless steel Namur mount. It has an IP67 rating for protection against water and dust. Another useful component that may be added to the APL limit switch is that of hermetically sealed proximity switches. It has sturdy, lightweight, and compact aluminum die-cast housing. It has incredibly high resistance to corrosion thanks to a combination of double chromate treatment and polyester powder coating.


  • No tools are required to adjust the limits thanks to the use of spring-loaded cams.
  • If the dome were to break, water wouldn’t be able to get into the indication since it’s double-sealed.
  • Many inventory systems rely on APL limit switches, which shut or open when a certain threshold is reached. It is often the case in production settings like assembly lines. 
  • An automated garage door is a typical instance of this. An APL limit switch prevents the door from continuing to descend beyond the bottom rail, where it might cause major injury or property damage.
  • The usage of limit switches is not limited to standalone applications, though. The actuator may deactivate or activate a safety mechanism when a certain threshold is achieved.
Working medium Clean ,dry,non-corrosive compressed ai
Working air Pressure 0.35-0.7Mpa

Working environment Temperature

Standard Temperature:-20 +80;

High Temperature:-20+250;

Low Temperature:-40 +70.