SIMENS Positioner

One that excels in every aspect


The SIPART PS2 is by far the most common valve positioner that you can use in production, and can use for linear as well as part-turn actuators. It also has the advantage of being very accurate. It is a fantastic choice for a wide range of valve control applications due to its extensive diagnostics capabilities as well as its comprehensive range of functions. 


CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


The features of SIMENS Positioner make it a very desirable choice. Even when used in the harshest of environments, the universal positioner that GMK Siemens positioner is equipped with all of the bells and whistles that you require. We are able to provide the following to our customers: Flame-retardant aluminium, 316L stainless steel, polycarbonate, and conventional aluminium are all appropriate alternatives.


  • It achieves high levels of durability and longevity via the use of only the finest materials and construction methods.
  • The use of pressure sensors results in a reduction in the amount of time spent on repairs and improved diagnostic options.
  • Increases in both the availability of the plant and the safety of the process are now made possible by intelligent characteristics (Partial Stroke Test, Fail-in-Place function, Valve Signature) of this positioner.
  • The SIPART PS2 positioner comes with an instruction manual that is easy to grasp and only requires a few tools in order to be installed, wired, and calibrated with any standard valve.
  • You can get a lot of versatility out of your plant by simply retrofitting different modules for your various positioner applications.
  • As a result of the positioner’s built-in booster, even massive motors may be quickly controlled with little piping.

Technical Details

Communication 4 … 20 mA, HART 7, Profibus PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus
Range of stroke 3 to 130 mm (larger strokes on request)
Angle of rotation range 30° to 100° (optional 180°)
Ambient temperature -30 °C to +80 °C (optional -40°C)
Required air quality Class 3 to ISO 8573-1
Max. air consumption in the controlled state < 0.036 Nm³/h
Limit values 2 (electronic, mechanical or capacitive)
Digital input / digital output 2 DI / 3 DO
Degree of protection IP66, NEMA 4x
Explosion protection ATEX, IECEx: Ex i, Ex e, EX t, Ex d


Certificates  Various global certificates and marine approvals

Working environment Temperature

Standard Temperature:-20 +80;

High Temperature:-20+250;

Low Temperature:-40 +70.