Omron limit switch

The case of a Omron Limit Switch that GMK provides protects the internal basic switch from damage caused by the impact as well as moisture, oil, gas, and dust. Limit switches are often used in industrial settings. Because of the way that they are constructed, Limit Switches are well-suited for applications that need high levels of mechanical durability or resistance to the effects of the environment. You may categorize the limit Switches as either horizontal, vertical, or many, depending on the direction in which you install them.


CE Certification

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Limit switches generally consist of five different components. The components of the limit switch are; Contacts, Movable springs and armatures, cases and covers, switch boxes, and rubber seals. The performance of the seal, as well as the operating characteristics, are closely related to the driving mechanism of the limit switch, which is an essential component of the limit switch.


  • Because of both the casing and the actuator of the limit switch, it is built to be very sturdy so that it can endure the tremendous amount of force and stress that will be applied to them.
  • Stronger Resistance to the Effects of the Environment
  • We created a design and materials that are entirely impermeable, which enables them to be used in oil, dust, and dirt, as well as in high heat or cold, without degrading.
  • You can use Limit Switches in place of basic standard switches in situations in which basic switches would not be sufficient owing to requirements for mechanical strength or environmental considerations.
  • You can use it in a drive unit (similar to that which is used by assembly robots), as well as component position detection
  • It has applications for Doors and covers on machine tools. You may check the semiconductor manufacturing tools automatically to determine whether they are open or closed.

Working environment Temperature

Standard Temperature:-20 +80;

High Temperature:-20+250;

Low Temperature:-40 +70.