Titanium Butterfly Valve

GMK Titanium butterfly valves often have a lesser cost than other kinds of valves since they are smaller and lighter, which means that less support is necessary to have them in position. Alienating circulation or controlling it may be accomplished with the help of titanium butterfly valves. This results in fewer potential problems. The valve is controlled by using a handle, a gear, or an operator to move the disc inside the valve. Casting and forging versions of the GMK titanium butterfly valve are also accessible for purchase. Furthermore, GMK has provided extraction and desalination with plenty of forged titanium butterfly valves. Wafer and lug styles are the most common configurations for titanium butterfly valves.

  • Size:DN40-2000mm,NPS1-1/2″-40″
  • Body And Trim Material:TA1,TA2,TA10,TC4,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5
  • Packing Material:Graphite,PTFE,PPL
  • Pressure:PN0.6-PN4.0
  • Temperature:-29℃-+280℃
  • Driving Manner:Hand-operated,Worm Wheel And Worm Screw,Pneumatic Operated,E;ectric-driving

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Product name: Titanium Butterfly Valve

You can use GMK valves in the practice of pharmacy, the soda industry, the Chlor-alkali sector, the fertilizer industry, the fine chemicals industry, the manufacturing of basic organic compounds and inorganic salts, and the nitric acid manufacturers, amongst other industries. We can produce Titanium butterfly valves from DN40-2000mm, NPS1-1/2″-40″ in high-quality material.


Here are some benefits of GMK titanium butterfly valves:

  • A large tensile strength, a small weight, a hard, flat top that reduces the attachment of external materials, and strong heat resistance.
  • Titanium and its many alloys are examples of non-ferrous metals with high catalytic activity.
  • Titanium materials feature oxide coatings, which provide them excellent durability and the capacity to self-passivate in environments with high levels of corrosion.
  • Titanium valves from GMK can withstand a wide range of corrosive environmental situations.
  • GMK titanium butterfly valve opened gradually to restrict the flow of fluid.
  • The plate that is used in GMK butterfly valves is lightweight and doesn’t require quite enough mechanical stability as other discs.
Size DN40-2000mm,NPS1-1/2″-40″
Body And Trim Material TA1,TA2,TA10,TC4,Gr2,Gr3,Gr5
Packing Material Graphite,PTFE,PPL
Pressure PN0.6-PN4.0
Temperature -29℃-+280℃
Driving Manner Hand-operated,Worm Wheel And Worm Screw,Pneumatic Operated,E;ectric-driving
Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Design Standard: API 609
  • Face To Face: API 609,ASME B 16.10
  • Flange Ends: ASME B 16.5,ASME B 16.47
  • Test And Inspection: API 6D
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