GMK Cryogenic Ball Valve

Only when the temperature is exceedingly low may cryogenic valves be used effectively. In order to ensure the safe and effective storage and transfer of cryogenic gases, cryogenic valves were invented. Keeping cryogenic valves in the closed position is the method that is both the most secure and the most reliable when it comes to containing cryogenic gases or other media. When a cryogenic valve is subjected to high pressure, the valve opens, allowing the gas or other medium to freely pass through. This unrestricted flow will continue until the pressure in the system drops, at which time it will entirely stop with the help of a one-of-a-kind metal seat and a gas-tight seal.

The safest and most reliable method of containing cryogenic gases or other media is to maintain the closed position of cryogenic valves. When high pressure is applied to a cryogenic valve, the valve opens to let the gas or other media freely pass through. This free flow will last until the pressure drops, at which point it will close off completely with a unique metal seat and a bubble-tight seal.

  • Supply ability:10000 piece/pieces per month
  • Port:Wenzhou/shanghai
  • Payment terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T

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Cryogenic Ball Valves provide various benefits such as those defined next:

  • Cryogenic Ball valves are high recovery valves because of the large aperture in the ball, which results in a low-pressure drop and a large flow capacity. When the valve is fully open, there is very little turbulence and resistance to the flow of fluid.
  • They are effective and simple to use because they only need to be turned a quarter turn (90 degrees). Since the valve is small and light, setting it up and taking it apart is a breeze.
  • They are easy to use and require less upkeep compared to other types of valves. The packing seal on the stem of a ball valve rarely needs replacing because the stem only spins in one plane. Ball valves can be quickly dismantled and rebuilt with new or refurbished parts.
  • When compared to other, more complicated valve types, the price of a ball valve is quite reasonable. Also, as they have minimum care needs, they’re cheaper to keep. execute in a way that lasts.
  • Cryogenic Ball valves can handle greater pressure than most other valve types, making them one of the most reliable options. Their adaptability to many settings and fields is made possible by the large array of materials they are made from.


  • Two pieces design
  • Floating ball or Trunnion mounted ball
  • Temperature serving: -196 C degree
  • Length of extended bonnet/stem according to shell standard or upon request
  • Fire-safe design, anti-static device
  • Anti-blow out stem


Supply ability 10000 piece/pieces per month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Delivery time 7-10 Working day
  • Design and manufacture: API6D, BS5351, ASME B16.34, API608, MSS-SP-72
  • Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34
  • Face to face(end to end): ANSIB16.10, API6D
  • End connection: 2″-24″ ASME B16.5; 26″ -42″ ASME B16.47; B.W end ASME B16.25
  • Test and inspection: API598, API6D, BS5146
  • Fire-safe design: API607, API6FA
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