Self Sealing For High Pressure Bellows Globe Valve

The Self-Sealing for High-Pressure Bellows Globe Valve is the most recent technology to combine the advantages of self-sealing and bellows into one convenient package. Its quality remains unaffected by the severe conditions of heat and pressure applied to it. If the pressure is raised, the upward push that is exerted will be amplified, and the impact of sealing will have a larger degree of success. Including a configuration with three seals (bellows seal, valve stem seal, and valve stem back seal). It is perfectly safe to use under very harsh conditions, such as those involving high heat, high pressure, flammability, explosiveness, toxicity, strong permeability, radioactivity, cost, and purity levels in the medium.


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GMK Self Sealing for High-Pressure Bellows Globe Valve is an excellent choice. Because of its double seal, which stops any leaking from the outside, as well as the fact that it satisfies the zero-leak criterion for helium mass spectrometry, it provides an extraordinarily high level of security and trustworthiness. Even after 10,000 uses, the bellows show no signs of wear and tear, which is far longer than the normal lifespan. In addition, it may help keep the medium clean by preventing outside dust from entering the valve body. It keeps the medium free of pollutants. 


  • The stem seal of a bellow seal globe valve includes a metal barrier, which allows it to be used in high demand working situations that necessitate perfect isolation between the interior and outside of the valve. One example of such a condition is the usage of oxygen.
  • The bellows of a bellow seal globe valve can expand and contract, which is a function that is unaffected by the thermal expansion and contraction of the valve. 
  • When used in situations in which the temperature difference between the two mediums is significant, it offers several clear benefits.
  • Because it has a double seal, the packing is entirely isolated from the medium when the bellow is in excellent condition. 


Supply Ability 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Wenzhou/shanghai
Payment Terms L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T Send email to us
  • Design and Manufacture: DIN 3356
  • Face to Face: DIN 3202
  • Flange ends: DIN 2543-2545
  • Test & Inspection: DIN 3230
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