PZ73X Knife Gate Valve

The GMK PZ73X Knife Gate Valve was constructed with the primary intention of being put to use in circumstances that are typical of industrial service. Depending on the requirements of the task at hand, this valve may operate in either a unidirectional or a bidirectional mode. There is no possibility of the shutdown on suspended particles being blocked in commercial or industrial settings due to the manner the body and the seat are manufactured. You have access to a wide variety of actuators and attachments, and you are free to choose whatever suits your needs best from the options available to you.


CE Certification

ISO Standards

Warranty Included


In piping systems that include a significant amount of particles in suspension, on-off control and isolating the system are the two most important roles that GMK’s PZ73X knife gate valves are designed to perform. When it comes to the management of media that is slurry-like, viscous, corrosive, and abrasive, the use of knife gate valves is especially helpful due to the many benefits that it provides. The valves have a little amount of pressure loss when they are in the fully open position, they are straightforward to use, they weigh a fraction of what conventional valves do, and they have a highly favorable cost-to-benefit ratio.


  • They are particularly helpful in wastewater applications where corrosion is a significant problem since they are resistant to it. 
  • Therefore, in addition to having a valve design that is optimized for slurry media, it is advantageous to have a knife made of acid-proof stainless steel. 
  • This makes the knife less susceptible to damage caused by corrosion, and as a consequence, it requires less frequent maintenance or even replacement.


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